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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November Wiki Top 10

Happy Birthday, MU Wiki!

A birthday silently passed on November 6th. Just one year ago, the Marquette Sports Wiki was born. Thanks to a handful of volunteers, the wiki is up to 600 pages of sports information from Marquette's history to its future. We're serving up over 2,000 pages of MU info daily, and growing fast.

So, I'd like to acknowledge the volunteers who've helped create and maintain this wiki. We need more people just like them to continue our growth. 77ncaachamps, rocky_warrior, SoCalwarrior, spartan3186, MU Chi_IL, YoungMUFan4, oldwarrior81, talltitan34, ons20, MarqGold17, mwbauer7, notkirkcameron, PuertoRicanNightmare, nywarrior, ziggysfryboy, sir lawrence, MoSarsour, marqptm, spiral97, nd3boy. (And others. Sorry, we weren't keeping track for the first few months!)

November Marquette Wiki top ten:

Other interesting pages:

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, MUWiki!

I look forward to many more years of contribution!

- 77ncaachamps

Anonymous said...

I think the wiki editors should review the content of some of the Wiki site.

The section including the 'interview w freeway' video does not appear consistent with the mission of the site.

It's clearly a tape of someone pulling him off the street and trying to harass him into saying something on an apparently hidden camera for the purpose of making fun of him later.

Frankly - highly immature and disrespectful.

Kevin Buckley said...

Anonymous: So here's what you do. EDIT THE WIKI. That's what wikis are about. If you see something wrong, you can fix it all by yourself. Just click "edit" and do your part.