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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Marquette/Duke tonight at 9pm CST on ESPN

for the Maui title........read the preview at GoMarquette.com

Fire up, Marquette!


Anonymous said...

Freakin Officiating Blows. MU 13 fouls Duke 6 at the half. Let these guys play. Also, coaching staff might want to mention that Nelson primarily goes right and that Singler can shoot. If they keep driving to the hoop and McNeal and Wes stay on the floor MU will win this game. Force the refs to make some calls. Also I'd like to see Acker play a little more and Burke needs to do something.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what is more frustrating, how the refs start changing the way they call the game after Coach K has a few words with them or Marquette's inability to finish shots off the glass. They must have missed about 10 shots inside from just muscling them too much.

Tough loss.

Anonymous said...

43 fouls called incredible. We lost no big deal. We played well but missed a lot of easy shots. The single largest factor which allowed Duke to prevail was the whistle and in particular the charge call. Guys apparently can just fall down and get the ball back.

Anonymous said...

This is good for the team. They had a good tournament, but with the loss, won't get comfortable like they did last year. They'll have extra incentive to improve now.

Let's just slaughter UWM next week.

Anonymous said...

Crean was far more gracious in defeat than some fans who fall prey to the weak man's pathetic excuse of blaming the refs. We're not as talented as Duke and, in spite of James missing easy ones (as he acknowledged in the postgame), it was closer than expected (line). This group is experienced and I expect them to use this as an invaluable learning experience as the season moves toward the Big East competition.