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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Tale of Two Cupcakes

After defeating two teams with sub 200 RPIs, we just wanted to recap how things fared on the numbers for Marquette.

Sacramento State
In the Preview for Sacramento State, we said to watch for the following items:

Marquette's effective FG % - FG% that is adjusted to account for the extra value of a three point shot)

Marquette's Offensive Rebounding % - This is the percentage of available offensive rebounds that a team obtains. Equation is: OR / (OR + Opponent DR)

The Turnover Rate forced by Sacramento State - This is turnovers / possessions - 20% is about average

Sacramento State was very poorly rated for eFG% defense and OR% Defense, and the one item that they did well was force turnovers. Turnovers were the matchup to watch for the game.

eFG% - 0.565 (Season Avg - 0.547) As expected, there was some padding of the average, but it was not as substantial as maybe expected.

OR% - 40.0% (Season Avg - 36.5%) Again, some padding of the average, but not substantial. However, we actually had Sacramento State get a higher % (41%) than we did.

Turnover Rate - 19.7% (Season Avg - 18.2%) Sacramento State was able to force a higher rate of turnovers than we usually commit, but all things considered, Marquette still was about average.

In the Preview for IPFW, we said to watch for the following items.

Marquette eFG% and Marquette OR%. The one strength for IPFW was their ability to limit opponents at OR%, and this was the matchup to watch.

eFG% - 0.531 (Season Avg - 0.547) A little unexpected. According to the matchups (strong eFG% against weak eFG% defense), we should have had a higher % than our average. However, this is a minor quibble. After all, our season average is already one of the highest in D1.

OR% - 34.2% (Season Avg - 36.5%) These results are actually somewhat interesting, but mostly because of Crean’s post game comments (link to Rosiak). Crean was upset that we only managed 13 Offensive Rebounds, but our percentage was actually close to our season average. IPFW was able to keep Marquette slightly below season average, but not by much. IPFW only secured 25 Defensive Rebounds, so to get 13 / 38 possible rebounds isn't that bad.

I know that Crean is upset that we only got two more offensive rebounds than IPFW, but their percentage was much, much worse (23%). Marquette grabbed 37 defensive rebounds, so IPFW only got 11 out of 48 possible offensive rebounds.

That's about enough coverage for Sacramento State and IPFW. On to Coppin State!

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