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Friday, December 14, 2007

Sacramento State - Quick Hits Preview

Quick Hits Preview on some numbers and Links at the bottom.

Top Five Numbers to Know about Sacramento State

  • 100% - Pomeroy forecasts a 100% likelihood of a win against this #302 rated team.
  • 35 - This is Sacramento State's ranking at Forcing Turnovers. It is the one thing that they do very well.
    • From Pomeroy, they have forced above average Turnovers / Possession in all of their games but one
    • Since MU takes care of the ball very well, this is the interesting matchup of the game
  • 60% - The average Field Goal % that an opponent gets against Sacramento State
    • Their rating is one of the lowest in Division 1 (338)
    • This is one of Marquette's Pomeroy strengths (ranking 31), so expect us to pad the average a bit
  • 341 - Sacramento State's rating for Offensive Rebounding defense
    • I honestly didn't even know that there were 341 Division 1 schools.
    • Marquette is great nationally at Offensive Rebounding % (ranking of 21), so look for us to hit the offensive boards hard.
  • 4 - The number of RPI Top 100 schools that Sacramento State has already played.
    • Don't expect Sacramento State to be intimidated by Marquette, as they've already played Kansas State (82), Pacific (95), Stanford (53), and Oregon (24).
Bottom line - feel pretty comfortable that Marquette will win behind a high percentage of made shots and offensive rebounds. If things are closer than expected, it's probably because we're turning the ball over too much and because Sacramento State has played other "name" opponents.


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Game Notes

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Anonymous said...

Ah. Kinder, gentler stats for the masses. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, really great "by the numbers" post. Thanks.