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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Daily Update

Just catching folks up on the various bits of Marquette information spreading across the airwaves:

It's fair to categorize Marquette's hiring of Buzz Williams to replace Tom Crean as a major surprise

    • McClellan calls the hire a "Good Hire" (not great), but the co-author Andrew Skwara calls it "Questionable". Read the link for additional information. Just like the original article sparked a six page thread on MUScoop, the new article is likewise generating further debate.
  • Rosiak's excellent blog covered Crean's MU Salary yesterday. Crean earned $1.85 million in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2007 and was by far the highest paid faculty member at the school. The article has additional details, including comparisons with other coaches.
  • In some good news, the Chicago Tribune has a front page story about McNeal, titled "Marquette's McNeal intent on taking his shot at NBA". Just like Dominic James last year, the situation is really a win-win for McNeal. He gets to test out the process and receive NBA feedback, and his worst case scenario is returning for his senior year.
  • Buzz Williams was the featured guest on the Dennis Krause show yesterday afternoon. According to GoMarquette.com's release, the show will be broadcast over two dozen times in the next week. You could also watch it on the internet (requires IE)
  • Finally, Time Warner Sports is re-broadcasting classic Marquette games throughout the summer. The station will broadcast a different Marquette game every Friday night, with an encore presentation on Sunday evening. The schedule features only Marquette victories (which is nice), and includes competition such as Pitt, Cincy, Louisville, Duke, South Carolina, and "It's Indiana, It's Indiana". This week's game is Louisville at Marquette (2/20/97). Check the link for more details.

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