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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jeronne Maymon to Marquette

Jeronne Maymon, a highly ranked 6'6" 235 pound forward from Madison Memorial High School, committed to Marquette this morning per IWB from the Scout.com board. Dave Telep also has the story up.

The Madison Capital Times has a story about the commitment. Rosiak's blog is also on the case with an update as well. Mark Miller has a great article at Wissports.net.

With Maymon (ranked #58 in the junior class by Scout.com) Buzz has now secured two top 100 commitments for his first two spots in the 2009 recruiting class. Last year, 6'7" Erik Williams from Cy Springs High School in suburban Houston committed to Marquette.

The combination of Maymon and Williams is intriguing and provides a glimpse into the roster re-build underway at MU. For more than a decade, the Warriors have been vulnerable to opponents that were more athletic on the blocks and on the wings. It seems that Buzz Williams had enough of those mismatches. With Maymon, likely a 3/4 combo forward in college, and Erik Williams, more of a small forward/wing player, Buzz Williams is fast building a roster of versatile, athletic players at positions where MU failed to land high-ceiling talent in the past.

Nicely done, Buzz. Stay tuned for more information and coverage regarding this highly talented player.


jce said...

We can argue about whether or not he is the right guy for MU considering his grades, desire for immediate playing time, etc. However, it is very encouraging that Buzz was able to move from MU not being in the picture at all, to the school of choice in a matter of weeks. Buzz got his guy, and that is a great sign.

Brad said...

I'm glad my "inside sources" from a previous post were wrong. He's a great talent, but it sounds like his old man is a headcase.

Packer Pat said...

Get some good sources please. Whose Dad won ever won a Man of the Year award? This is job well done by Buzz. It is what it is!

Gene Frenkle said...

I'm assuming he'll qualify academically because, while many of us have ripped MU's administration, one thing I've never read/heard is how they are lax in their academic standards.

As for the signing, great get by Buzz. It will most likely signal we won't get Jamil, but I didn't think we'd get him anyway. If they got him now, you have three guys at the same position.

Solid work by Buzz. Can't do anything but give him credit for this one as this class is now equal to Crean's best class arguably (at least from a rankings standpoint).

Anonymous said...

NOW Crean recruits Doc's kid. What took him so long?

bamamarquette1fan said...

WOW! What a difference a few weeks make. Thanks guys - being down south I don't get news when I am swamped at work for several days, until I can get back on crackedsidewalks, so I am just finding out about this HUGE signing tonight for the first time.

I can't wait, the future looks great.

Wisconsin said...

Supporting UW and MU I hope this kid pans out for us. If his grades pan out he will be a great asset to the Golden Eagles, but as someone who loves Marquette and Marquette Athletics I thought we have shown little class at games within Wisconsin.

We need to support state athletics as well. We do not have a Football or Hockey team so until we get one we should support them!