"My rule was I wouldn't recruit a kid if he had grass in front of his house.
That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Friday, May 23, 2008

Maymon sets date for announcement

The first major recruiting milestone of the Buzz Williams era arrives on Tuesday, May 27 when fast-rising junior Jeronne Maymon from Madison is expected to announce his college choice. The 6'5" Maymon has offers from Baylor, Iowa State, Marquette, Tennessee, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Green Bay, USC, Temple and Providence.

Maymon's announcement sparked an IM discussion yesterday between Henry Sugar and NYWarrior -and it went like this:

Henry Sugar: Maymon sets the date, huh?

NYWARRIOR: just back. when?

Henry Sugar: tuesday!

NYWARRIOR: wow. sounds like Buzz might get him since he just had the unofficial at MU.

Henry Sugar: I posted on MUScoop that it's win-win

NYWARRIOR: it is. better than waiting until March 9, 2009

Henry Sugar: If he picks Marquette, then we get a fast-rising and uber-talented player.

If he picks Iowa State, Baylor, or some random school, then he won't be in conference anyways. Plus, there won't be any questions or concerns about his dad's involvement or grades.

Marquette doesn't lose either way. Giddyup!

Henry Sugar: If Maymon picks Marquette, then Buzz has a recruiting class that is better than any of Crean's, except for the three amigos class. But that's only two players, and then Buzz can fill the remaining spot or two with a PG and/or whatever

NYWARRIOR: agreed on Maymon. if Buzz gets him, he's rolling heading into the open recruiting season. I've said it before, he'll easily out-recruit Crean's efforts at MU. Though I think u are selling TC's class of Wade, Merritt, Blankson,Townsend and Sanders short.

Henry Sugar: fair. it's a rankings grade. only Merritt made the RCSI top 100

NYWARRIOR: right,but…

Henry Sugar: yes, yes. Wade, of course... Blankson... maybe

NYWARRIOR: still, Buzz will outrecruit Turncoat Tommy. the rest of 'running the program' is what to watch for. Buzz is set up well to recruit. For the 2009 season -- this team will be really f!#@%ng good. …yet he has an uneven roster with many gaps to fill. so -- gaps to fill on a roster in a winning program = opportunity for freshmen to play immediately. that = high ceiling talent in 09-10.

NYWARRIOR: oh, and … Latavious Williams… man!

Henry Sugar: one can dream, right?


Henry Sugar: Check out the scholarship table. http://www.muscoop.com/index.php?page=8

Henry Sugar: have to figure Buzz will lock down a top 100 PG. He is in on a lot of names.

NYWARRIOR: he will, he has PT to offer in a winning program.

Henry Sugar: 09, that year will be led by Lazar, Trevor, and maybe Fulce/Butler

NYWARRIOR: eh, MU better have a lot more than that.

Henry Sugar: yeah... lots of PT for guards, PF, C, PG

NYWARRIOR: right. early PT on a team that could still be good. and MU will be good when those kids are being recruited, so MU will present well on the camp circuit

Henry Sugar: plus, I believe in Buzz' ability to recruit

NYWARRIOR: me 2. esp under these circumstances, Bully Hurley notwithstanding

Henry Sugar: right... you have to figure that if Hurley isn't around then TT still comes to Marquette


Henry Sugar: just no crying, Buzz

NYWARRIOR: that didn't help Mike Davis much

Henry Sugar: I really hope that his coaching is okay

NYWARRIOR: me 2. but heck, hardly any MU fan seemed to think TC was a good coach.

Henry Sugar: I thought TC made good game plans, not adjustments

NYWARRIOR: yup. he had 300 sets to run! Why let your players feel the game and be instinctive? sigh

Henry Sugar: his in-game was poor. if the opponent continued with their standard plan, TC could plan for that. If the opponent made adjustments, TC failed to counter

NYWARRIOR: btw, dont count out Baylor on Maymon

Henry Sugar: meh - if Maymon picks Baylor, then at least we know

NYWARRIOR: right. better to know now. TC got into trouble when he allowed kids to string him out . then he ran outta options and took fliers on players - like Trend. For what?

Henry Sugar: TC had a hard time closing the deal. I'm hoping Buzz is a better closer. suspicion is that he is

NYWARRIOR: i agree. and he's smart, i think, to target a kid who wants to decide early, a kid he obviously targeted from day 1. good strategy for a MU --after being strung out in the past and left with dregs in some cases

Henry Sugar: for sure. wow - I thought the summer was supposed to be slow.



Brad said...

Everyone knows how BS "inside sources" are, but I have an inside source from the AAU circit that says Maymon's going to Baylor....that was before the Tuesday presser was set. I hope I'm wrong.


bamamarquette1fan said...

Awesome news! I think the quick hire of Buzz is looking better and better over time. The current players we really owe it to are happy, and obviously the blue chippers are at least seriously considering MU, meaning we are sure to land some. Also not shedding any tears for the fact that TC only has 2 returning scholarship players at IU. I guess all he can offer right now is a ton of playing time on a terrible team in a football conference. Go BUZZ and MU!