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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Um, hi....we're back

Life (er, work) has a funny way of interrupting your hobbies, hence the dearth of material here for the last several days. Capitalism has a funny way of demanding increasing amounts of your time. Anyway, we're back. For those of you who follow the threads on MUScoop and other sites, some of this might be redux -- but let's get caught up with Marquette hoops.

Marquette has offered 2009 stud Jeronne Maymon of Madison Memorial High School. Mark Miller of WSN Boys Basketball has the details here. Maymon, a 6'6" combo forward, currently sports offers from MU, USC and Iowa State with many more to follow. Maymon is off to a fast start this spring on the AAU circuit, turning in a series of eye-catching performances.

Darrius Morrow signed with ECU. Recruiting successfully requires patience and vision more than a hunger to settle for the 'best (only?) player available'. I'm glad to see that Buzz Williams appears to have exhibited that with Morrow.

6'10" Kyle Rowley reclassified to 2008 and signed with Northwestern. Good luck, Kyle.

According to the Big East Basketball Report, MU is after 2009 PG Justin Jordan of Fort Wayne.

Marquette University's athletic programs delivered academically once again. According to MU, each of th university's 14 athletic teams exceeded the NCAA's required Academic Progress Rate (APR). Congratulations, MU. If you want to see what happens when a university does not take care of the academic side of life, check out the SHU situation. For a history on MU's position with the APR over time, read our post on the subject from last year.

Steve Yanda of the Marquette Tribune ran a provocative article about the university's proclivity to favor the internal hire over a competitive, national search. Here's my key take-away from the article:

In February, Cottingham was named Marquette's athletic director after a 14-month interim stint during which he conducted the search for a permanent replacement. Though Cottingham stated throughout the search process that he was not interested in the full-time position, he eventually concluded he was the best person for the job.

Of the 60 candidates who applied for the full-time position, none were interviewed. As a private institution.
Talk about it in this thread at MUScoop if you're interested.


The Chuter said...

Not sure about the rest of you, but the whole Dwayne Wade-Star Jones thing has got me down.

For once I thought we had a true sports star that could be a role model, and now he’s a role model for Skank Search.

I’ve followed and cheered him on from day 1 at MU, all the way through his league-leading-turnover 2007 Heat season, but this dump my wife and hang with what’s hot is nothing short of a punch to the gut.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a headache to me (re: Maymon), this sounds like a kid and a family MU could do without. This from his dad:
"Schools will need to match what Baylor and Iowa State are offering in order to get Jeronne. He is not redshirting and he is not coming off the bench."

I'm guessing Buzz is doing this more out of goodwill to Memorial's coach than anything else.

The article, though, reveals some great insight into the promises and smoke blowing of coaches to recruits. You don't "make someone a Kevin Durant." KD was a stud and on the recruiting radar for a long time, this kid Maymon is enjoying a nice run in summer league.

The kid may prove me wrong, but that attitude is a bit much for my sensibilities.

Packer Pat said...

hey the chuter,
Well what got me more down than the actual jones/wade siting(and lets hope its just that) is that you said she is Hot. Hot/Hot or Hot/Popular whatever you mean is Way off-base. She is as pathetic a person as she is looking. I would take the worst of the worst at a Packer game over her. He has lost his mind!

Bring on the "Get back to basketball" posts, I dont care. This needed to be addressed and thanks for bringing it up Shooter.

Brandon said...

Don't forget The Warrior article Athletic Hiring: It's about the process.

bamamarquette1fan said...

I really have been sad about this too, and finally decided all I could do was pray for D. Wade, Siovaughn and the children and just hope things aren't beyond repair. I don't follow entertainment news, but I remember having a really bad feeling when watching the introductions at the Las Vegas All-Star game and just feeling like D. Wade was out of place in the city of sin. As much work as marriage takes for any of us, I'm sure it's even harder when both husband and wife know that every woman in the world wants the guy. I just hope they see that if they can get through this they will be there for each other when D. Wade is in his 50s and just has highlight reels, and the children are grown and back home.