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Friday, May 16, 2008

Marquette Student Storms into Jeopardy Finals

Well, you know it's the off-season at Cracked Sidewalks when we're talking game-shows.

But Marquette's own Danielle Zsenak (aka Chainsaw_McGee) is kicking ass and taking names on Jeopardy's College Championship. She's been on three nights, and trounced her opposition each night, including last night's day-1 Championship round, summarized by MOWarrior:

The guy from Harvey Mudd controlled the buzzer for the Jeopardy round, and had a sizeable lead going into Double Jeopardy. Double Jeopardy round saw McGee surge, and the guy from Mississippi State establish himself. Going into Final Jeopardy Chainsaw McGee had 15,000 points, Harvey Mudd in the lead with 17k or thereabouts, and MSU guy in 3rd. Final Jeopardy category was something like "Famous Journals," with the question: "This arctic explorer reported evidence of earlier Norwegian explorers at the pole." MSU guy gets it right: Robert Scott. His wager puts him at about 17k or so, I forget exactly. Our girl gets it right too. Her wager: All in. 30k. Harvey Mudd guy misses.

Chainsaw McGee didn't miss a single question the whole game. Very disciplined game, perfectly played. She's leading after round one of the Finals. What a wonderful representative of our school.

Tonight is the final night .. In Milwaukee, it's on at 6pm, Channel 58. Check your local listings.

Talk about it, and with her, on this thread.

Watch a Jeopardy video of Danielle here.

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