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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools? Crean to Indiana?

From ESPN.

And, no. This doesn't appear to be an April Fools Joke.


Trying to put a tumultuous few months behind it, Indiana University is on
the verge of naming a new coach, Tom Crean of Marquette, a source with the
school told ESPN.com's Andy Katz on Tuesday.

The Hoosiers have to hope that the hiring goes more smoothly than the
awkward parting with former coach Kelvin Sampson.

Indiana is awaiting a letter of agreement from Crean before a deal is
finalized, and a tentative news conference has been scheduled for Wednesday to
make an announcement.

He resigned amid allegations of NCAA violations. Dan Dakich, an
assistant under Sampson and a former Indiana player and assistant under Bob
Knight, took over as interim coach for the rest of the season.

The university first contacted Washington State coach Tony Bennett late
Saturday night, but he withdrew from consideration.

Crean, who took the Dwyane Wade-led Golden Eagles to the Final Four in
2003, just completed a 25-10 season. Marquette lost to Stanford in the second
round of the NCAA tournament.

Crean is 190-96 in nine seasons at Marquette and has taken the Golden
Eagles to the NCAA tournament five times. Before that, he was an assistant at
Michigan State, Pittsburgh and Western Kentucky.


Anonymous said...


ruffian96 said...

Pardon me but wtf!@! Crean may have had his shortcomings as a coach but he turned the basketball program around from being happy to be perennially mediocre to being on the cusp of competing for titles in the toughest conference in college basketball and on a national level. I think this is a big setback for MU.

Unknown said...

The IU blogs and message boards are going crazy with Crean news. I have to say, if this is true, I'm cautiously optomistic about the hire. I know Crean has been a great recruiter, but I really don't know much about his coaching style. I know his reputation is for complex offense with tons of looks, and stingy high-energy defense. Any change anyone could enlighten me about his coaching style/philosophy? Like I said, I'm happy with the hire, and sorry for MU's loss to your program. I should note though that about half the posters on IU message boards are call Crean "Mike David II". I sure hope not...

The Chuter said...

Don't let the door hit you on your behind!!!!!!

Jack 82

Paul said...

Well, it looks like those who post anonymously on this blog finally got their wish. I'm a little shocked even though I know Crean's name comes up every year for big programs' coaching searches. Why this year though?

I think Crean is making the wrong career move. Crean basically runs Marquette University and is treated like a god there. In addition, his fans are loyal and love him. The IU fans are brutally impatient.

On the other hand, Crean is a huge jerk by most accounts despite his glowing public persona. Thus, I'm not surprised by his lack of loyalty; he's a big phony.

In conclusion, I'll miss him. It's too bad South Carolina got to Darrin Horn before us... He would have been perfect, and he had more success in the tournament this year than Crean did!

Karen said...

Well, if it's true, maybe we can get someone who can recruit AND coach!

However, I'm concerned about new AD Steve Cottingham's ability to hire a capable replacement.

Maybe Tony Bennett? Yeah!

Patrick said...

ESPN just had "Breaking News" and confirmed it. News Conference tomorrow morning.

John Cocktoastan said...

Well, I am sad. I can't figure out why he would do this this year. He has turned down bigger offers than this in the past (Kentucky anyone???). We will miss you Coach. Thanks for the good years.

John Cocktoastan said...

And we do NOT want Bob Knight!!!

Gene Frenkle said...

I hated the Cottingham hire when it happened, and now I'm freaking out on what he's gonna do. Again, he has NO experieince doing something like this.

He BETTER bring in a qualified, successful coach.

Sean Miller. Sean Miller. Sean Miller.

I'm disappointed/mad that Crean's leaving. But stepping back, IU is still a higher profile gig than MU.

That said, at this juncture in his career, I'm shocked Crean would step into an IU job that for 3-5 years will be up to its ears in NCAA regulations/sanctions. Short term, it's a terrible move. And even long term, he'll still only be known as "the guy that followed Knight".

I wonder if all you previously "anon" deuschbags that wanted Tommy fired - but could never, ever give a name of a replacement - all come out of the woodwork now. You should all be thrilled now. YOu got what you want. Tom's gone. Who you gonna bring in?

It's been four months. We're waiting for names...

Gene Frenkle said...

Food for thought:

a) we have a great class coming to MU next year
b) we have two very good seniors dabbling in thoughts to go to the NBA
c) we have an A.D. that better not f-up this hire or else the program's set back four years minimum.

Sam Brazys said...

I was at MU 2000-2004 and am now a grad student at IU. We all know Crean's strengths as a recruiter and "shortcomings" as a coach. Problem is, IU already recruits on name alone - what they need is an X's and O's coach who can manage game situations. That profile is not Tom Crean. He might have been able to get by through recruiting alone at MU but I think he will get roasted alive here at IU by the most knowledgeable b-ball fans in the country.

On another note, where is the outrage from Crean backers? I know if I'd ponied up that kind of dough for his contract extension I'd be feeling a bit betrayed right now.

Gene Frenkle said...

People may feel betrayed and p!ssed - I am - but, at the end of the day, IU is a step up over MU. I don't understand the timing of this move...but whatever.

Regarding Xs and Os, the Big Ten is a much weaker hoops conference, though.

The Chuter said...

Hey Gene

First, suck eggs! 4 Months? its been less than 4 hours! Here's a name, Dwayne Stephens. Our bigs have been soft and poor since he jumped to MSU. Here's another: Stan Heath as South Florida. Liked him since Kent State. Finally, the obvious choice is Buzz Williams.

Jack 82

Gene Frenkle said...

So we have:

Heath - never was successful on big stage

Buzz - the "obvious" choice...why? because he happens to be there I guess...even though he's never accomplished anything as a coach.

O.K. That's two names to succeed Crean in four months. Let's keep the list going.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Kent?

jce said...

Well all the haters are getting their wish. We'll see how correct they are. Anyway, the last two successful coached hired were assistants at major programs. I don't think that is how they will go this time. I have a feeling Fran McCaffrey at Sienna will get a look, but I wouldn't mind Anthony Grant from VCU.

As for TC, who know why now? Maybe he just was right for him personally. Face it, IU is a step up and he might feel that he is ready now.

Anonymous said...

I meant Ernie Kent..sorry

Anonymous said...

Marquette should be able to pull almost any coach from anywhere. Very attractive job, but Indiana is just transcendent.

Who would you put on the list?

Sean Miller? Tim Buckley? Tod Kowalcyzk? Brad Brownell? What about a Mike Davis?

Anonymous said...

Kevin O's looking!

Anonymous said...


Patrick said...

According to a source with the team who wishes to remain anonymous, Buzz Williams will not be the new head coach.

Rumor is that Benny Seltzer is a possibility.

Packer Pat said...

Thanks for your recruiting Tom and being here when Wade defaulted to Marquette after DePaul dropped the ball. You are making a mistake but I welcome the change because we simply are a top 20 team with you. Hopefully you can learn how to draw up some plays before you go to Indiana. Please bring DJ with you.

Bring on Majerus!

Anonymous said...

What about keno davis? he is one of the hottest coaches in the country in a terrible conference.

Zach said...

this really hurts our chances of getting Jamil Wilson and screws up our recruiting for a long time to come

Why you would want to go to a job that right now is in shambles instead of staying and coaching a experienced team that looks to be the best since 2003 is really beyond me.

I can't wait for a coach who actually teaches his players offense and maybe recruits a big man! Maybe this is hopeful thinking but how about a press once in a blue moon next year. We are so "scrappy" and "tough" on defense. If we are so athletic and deep on guards why no press?

plus i am really hoping for sean miller, he has taken a mediocre xavier program and put it on the map. Plus look at the recruiting job he has done their with a school that has nothing to offer a recruit. Common Sean give us a Duncan!!!

Nick said...

Coaches I'd like to see interviewed:

Sean Miller-Xavier
Tony Bennet-Wash St.
Tom Davis-Drake
Bob McKillup-Davidson

If not them, anyone who will implement a pressing defense that will utilize the 8 deep guard rotation we will have next year

Anonymous said...

chris lowery. southern illinois university.

knows the midwest. successful at small school. young.

we are obviously going to be rebuilding as well, something lowery is young enough to withstand. mcneal and james are both going, although i think both need one more year. mnceal is more ready than james.

i hate crean right now. judas. i just melted my final four vhs.

MarquetteNation said...

BRING SEAN MILLER TO MU! He has both Big East (Pitt) and Wisconsin (he was an assistant at UW) ties. Xavier's program is incredibly similar to Marquette (Jesuit, small, basketball is king mentality, new facilities, and a growing fan base), which would make the transition for Miller both easy and a step up. He'll be tough to lure away from XU (I hear he has a tough buyout clause), but his predecessor, Matta, left after a similar elite eight run in 2004.

Morg said...

Dewayne Stephens would be the perfect hire. He's young and a proven recruiter at every stop, including Marquette. We need recruits and a coach with energy and the ability to bring us quality bigs! Check his resume!