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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tyshawn Taylor to seek release from MU

Zagoria talks to Bob Hurley, Taylor's coach, in his latest blog.

No surprise, though MU is not obligated to release Taylor or any member of the 2009 class from their binding LOIs. In the past under Bill Cords, MU did not honor these requests - - - but times have changed.

In fairness, the actual quote from Hurley is:

"I would like the opportunity to have him released from his scholarship in the event that we don't like who's hired"

That implies that any new coach would still have the opportunity to re-recruit Taylor and convince him that the new staff would be a good fit.

Regardless, it's time for quick, decisive action from Marquette in the face of these shocking developments.


Dale said...

Well, that's one way to solve the scholarship overcommitment issue...

JT said...

Dale, I hope your kidding. We will have 3 extra scholorships once this marry go round is over...

Anonymous said...

1. its Merry-go-round


2. players can't just decide to opt out of their LOI's they have to be released from them... which MU would be foolish to do.

The kids are being kids and making knee jerk reactions. Take them for what they are. TT and NW don't even know who the coach at MU will be and who knows, maybe once they meet with the new coach they will find that they like him and his style. Again, they are kids being pouty kids. They signed their letters, now they have to honor them. Otherwise, why even have LOI's to begin with?

I'd be more concerned with them transferring after the year is over if we hire a lame duck coach. This might be the most pivotal moment in Marquette basketball history since '78.

Gene Frenkle said...

"might be the most pivotal moment" is an understatement, especially now that we are in the Big East.

Anonymous said...

Bob. Knight.