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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Personnel moves du jour: DJ is coming back, a few are headed out the door

First the good news -- Dominic James announced at the basketball banquet tonight that he will return to Marquette for his senior season. Bravo, Dominic! Now it is time for DJ to chase down and pass George Thompson as MU's all-time leading scorer, and lead the team to a fourth consecutive NCAA tournament bid.

Now for the departures.....freshman SG Scott Christopherson and 2008 commit Nick Williams have each been granted their release from Marquette University. Adios, fellas.

Williams was given an unconditional release meaning he can go to any school he chooses. It is interesting that MU afforded Williams complete freedom. In the past for kids already in the program, Marquette was prescriptive as to the places a player was eligible to transfer to. Hello, IU?

It appears the next shoe to drop could be Trevor Mbakwe if you believe the message boards.

Even before these departures, Andy Katz didn't think much of Marquette, failing to include the Golden Eagles in his early pre-season top 25. Whatever, Andy.

Meanwhile, Buzz Williams jets off to New Jersey on Friday morning in an attempt to re-recruit Tyshawn Taylor, the combo guard from St Anthony's who has also asked for his release from Marquette. In a Q/A with Adam Zagoria today, Taylor offered MU fans a ray of hope (and contradicted remarks made by his coach last week):

Q: What kind of relationship do you have with Coach Williams?
A: He recruited me. I had a better relationship with him than with Coach Crean.

Coach Williams also quickly re-energized his efforts to recruit 6'7" stud Jamil Wilson from Racine. Mark Miller has the report.


Unknown said...
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Gene Frenkle said...

Hello "Continuity", meet Marquette. Marquette this is "Continuity".

Whoa whoa whoa. Where are you going "Continuity"? Why are you running away so quick?

As for the players, good luck to Scottie C. Hope he has a good career elsewhere because I don't think he would have done jack in the Big East.

Nick Williams? Ugh. Will Taylor be the next shoe to drop?

Unknown said...

If Taylor opts out, Mbawke and Hazel transfer -- on top of Christopherson -- remind me again of why a person with Williams' resume was hired?

Marquette hired a guy to head a Big East team that a mid-major would hesitate to hire. And it's proving to be a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Williams was gone pretty much no matter who we hired.

Christopherson transferred because he wont get any PT until the three amigos are gone (AFTER this year). He didn't fit the system that well anyway, and probably is more suited to the Big 11 style of play... no harm done on a guard heavy program that has recruited guards well.

Mbakwe is being a cry baby. He would be stupid to give up an asured starting spot at MU to go play at Minnesota and play in the basement. My guess is that he stays if Buzz can get Taylor to commit, and probably even if he doesn't.

If he can at least keep Taylor on board, I see this whole mess as at least saving face. Wilson will be the Key. Without him and Erik Williams, Buzz is in for a tough year after this one.

jce said...

My impression of Christopherson is that he really is at best, low level D1 or a D2 player. He peaked very early in his HS career and I don't think ended up the player that everyone thought he would.

I think we will keep Otule and Fulce, and if we keep Taylor, I am OK with Nick Williams leaving.

Alex said...

And what about Jimmy Butler, the JUCO transfer that Kentucky and Mississippi St. wants? I hear that Buzz is likely to get him to come to MU. Christopherson for Butler would be a great swap.

And, frankly, if Hazel is having trouble learning the plays, it might be best to get a JUCO big man to come here too in his place.

Mbake is obviously key. Reportedly, he was looking to leave even before Crean backstabbed us. Hopefully Buzz can work with him better than TC.

Erik Williams remains interested in MU as does Wilson. If Buzz lands both of them, it will be one of the best classes since the Big Three.

Lay off Buzz, folks. You guys are making yourselves look like fools. Let's just wait and at least withold judgment until we have something to go on other than empty speculation.