"My rule was I wouldn't recruit a kid if he had grass in front of his house.
That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rosiak details the search; Transfer rumors and more

Todd's latest blog is in the spotlight today.......check it out for details on the coaching search. Talk about it here at MU Scoop. Rosiak also reports on yesterday's introduction.

Rosiak had the scoop on a possible Trevor Mbakwe transfer last week, and now the Minnesota boards are buzzing about it per this thread. One down?

We linked to this last night, but in case you missed it -- Buzz Williams will try and retain Tyshawn Taylor when he visits Jersey City on Friday.

Bob Wolfley speaks with Buzz Williams mentors and former bosses in his latest column.

Chas Rich at AOL Fan House evaluates MU's decision to hire Buzz Williams -- another fine blog by Chas.

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Championships Matter said...

Whether others were available or not is immaterial. Buzz was right yesterday. It is about the team and the young men who we hope will be hanging a banner in the Bradley Center alongside the 1977 banner.

Buzz is now the coach and even though I was outspoken before, the time has come to stop criticizing and wondering "what if..." Get over it Warriornation; Buzz is the guy who will lead us.

As I said yesterday, here's hoping Buzz is the next Al McGuire. Or better yet, here's hoping Al was a distant prelude to Buzz!

My fondest hope for the MU program and for Buzz is that Buzz simply proves the skeptics were idiots, me included.

Anonymous said...

Well put, Championships. I'm excited for the new era, and eager to see the differences between Crean and Buzz as people and coaching styles.

Neither Crean nor Gillespie would have had Buzz on their staffs if they didn't believe that he was the best guy for the job, capable of succeeding under their lofty expectations.

I already appreciate his humility and commitment to the players. His era will be a stark contrast to the Crean dictatorship.

jce said...

Rosiak's blog made me feel better about the process. I'm not sold on Buzz, but if Cottingham attempted to talk to others, and others expressed interest in the position as well, that means he did his job and Buzz wasn't just a panic move as others have suggested. That means that he saw something in him that made him feel he would be the best person for the position. He should know better than the rest of us right?

Time will tell if he is right. But he did do something that was a least a little bold. The easy thing to do would be to hire someone like Fran McCaffrey or Bruce Weber.

muwarriorsfan said...

Any truth to the talk that Mr Strong and Crean had a huge falling out after the Stanford game and that lead to Crean contacting Indiana?