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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tom Crean Irsay'd Marquette

In his latest blog, Don Walker of the J-S clues us in to the chain of events as they unfolded yesterday evening.

Tom Crean, the beneficiary of a generous, flexible,and accommodating institution, flushed that trust and goodwill down the drain and went "Irsay" on Marquette .........slipping out to Indiana under the cover of night without the decency to discuss his decision in-person with the folks who worked tirelessly to support his basketball program over the years.

There you have it, MU was Irsay'd. Will Mayflower move TC as well?


David Berger said...

MU was Irsay's while Crean pulled a Petrino on his team!

jce said...

What he did was par for the course in today's college athletics. If MU hires someone who is currently a head coach somewhere, that guy will likely do the same thing. It isn't so much a flaw of TC's character as it is a flaw of the system.

hoosierxheart said...

Chances are they won't. Mayflower is not a contracted company here at Indiana University. ;)

mufan4life03 said...

While I agree the system may be flawed, the way Crean went out was disgusting to say the least. After how well Marquette treated him and how well he had it, he didn't let anyone know he was about to leave. Today, in his news conference at Indiana it came up that he was contacted 2 weeks ago. Hence, Marquette was still in the tournament. Also, Crean commented that he felt that he wanted the Indiana job after the first or second phone call. It is very possible that he was coaching a tournament team with the intention of next year..."I'll be at Indiana." He never once brought up his possibility of leaving for Indiana. It was not until the news leaked out of Indiana did the Marquette community learn of this. He hadn't even told his team until the news leaked.After nine years, Crean crept out without ever saying goodbye or giving warning. I completely despise him for this move and I hope and feel confident that he will regret this secretive move. In fact, I will now actually cheer for the Badgers a couple times a year.