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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Haunted Hoops 2008


I took the family to Haunted Hoops again this year. While the Fish Fry was sold out, the attendance at the scrimmage was way down, perhaps half of what it was in years' past. Either October 31st (Trick-or-Treat for non-cry-baby communities) gave reason for people to skip the scrimmage, or .. there's a lack of enthusiasm for this Top 20 team. -- It was a rough off-season.

Took a few pictures, shot some video for your viewing.

The best picture of the night is this, entitled "Mr. Incredible: Man of Steel"

Here's the slide show:

And the video:

Also, there was plenty of MU action and reporting as well. Here's the official GoMarquette.com release, which includes a nice photo gallery of the event. A poster on MUScoop also has several nice pictures as well. Eric Silver has a nice story at MarquetteHoops.com, where he is impressed by the newcomers. Finally, in one of his three entries over the weekend, Rosiak had his own recap of Haunted Hoops.

In case you weren't aware, Marquette also scrimmaged Nebraska today. Rosiak's article has some nice comments from Tony Benford, who obviously was on the Nebraska staff last year. Rosiak also has some information about the scrimmage against Nebraska. Because of NCAA rules, Rosiak couldn't be there, but he managed to interview Buzz and get his feedback. If you read Buzz' comments, you can get some solid insight into what Buzz is thinking about the team right now. (Rob is particularly happy to hear Buzz consistently mention the value of a possession).

One player who wasn't going to scrimmage against Nebraska was Joe Fulce. Unfortunately, Rosiak is the bearer of bad news as Fulce will be out 2-4 weeks with a knee injury. This means that he could miss anywhere from 1-7 games. Get well soon, Joe.

In some positive news, Roy and Harv Schmidt (Bullseye) have a piece on their Sun-Times blog about Marquette recruiting the Chicago-land area. I really didn't follow their statement that "all the pieces are in place", but their information on Chris Colvin and Darius Smith was fantastic. Bullseye also provides some great information on players in the 2010, 2011, and (are you kidding me), the class of 2012.

Rob Lowe contributed to this post.
UPDATE: Included information and link about the Nebraska scrimmage recap


Oliver said...

I know this sounds wimpy, but Marquette needs to have a kid's event start earlier than 7:00. I didn't take my three small kids because of the start time. The last time we went they were a mess by the end.

I like event, however, and commend Marquette for holding it each year.

Kevin Buckley said...

7pm is early enough .. truly, the event of the evening is the fish fry dinner. The scrimmage is like the after-party. We brought our 2 year old and 4 month old.

They did a better job this year with the kids .. last year, they brought them courtside for the "parade" and made them wait like 15 minutes. This year, they made them wait maybe 2 minutes.

We left after the parade .. got home by 8:15 or so. That's not too late.