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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Marquette stomps UW-M

For the second year in a row, the Marquette Golden Eagles annihilated the UW-M Panthers winning 100 - 80 at the Bradley Center tonight. Marquette is now 36-0 all-time against the Panthers and moves to 3-0 on the season.

Tonight's blowout win was the school's 1400th all time. Marquette became the 50th school to accomplish such a feat and did so in their 92nd season. MU's .617 winning percentage currently ranks 33rd best all-time in DI history.

After trailing by three late in the first half Marquette rolled the rest of the way, keyed by the Three Amigos and Lazar Hayward. Lazar Hayward delivered a double-double with 25 points and 10 rebounds. Wesley Matthews continued his fast start to the season with a 25 point night. Jerel McNeal added 22, while Dominic James finished with 16 points and eight assists.

Here is Rosiak's blog entry from right after the game. Check it out for more straight talk from Buzz. There's also Rosiak's official story on the game, calling Marquette the "toast of the town". Finally, take a peek at the official GoMarquette.com release. MU has the box score, two photo galleries, and podcasts aplenty. There are podcasts from Buzz, McNeal, and James

Next up for Marquette is a home tilt against Texas Southern on Tuesday night.

A few items of note:

  • Marquette starters combined for 91 of Marquette's 100 points tonight. To be fair, the 'Fantastic Four' of James, McNeal, Matthews and Hayward combined for 88 points.
  • Dwight Burke attempted just one shot in 14 minutes of action, a nifty hook. Burke finished with three points and four boards.
  • Burke has attempted just two field goals in 40 minutes of combined action in the team's first three games.
  • Patrick Hazel was active in his 18 minutes of action, finishing with four points, six boards and a blocked shot.
  • Jimmy Butler, who averaged nearly 20 minutes of action in the first two games, was relegated to garbage time tonight, playing just six minutes.

*This post was a collaboration between Tim Blair, Kevin Buckley and muwarrior92.


The Chuter said...

Nice win, but the bench was awful, Butler in articular looked plain lost. Standing around, bad on defense. We need to be much better and deeper to win in NCAA.

Championships Matter said...

Two things that are continuing ot be disturbing about this team.

First, with UWM, they spent way too much time bombing from outside. The tempo is good, but they're reverting to some of their bad habits from last year.

Second, would someone dial up Dwight Burke and remind him he is living in the 414 area code, not on Mars. He's a good guy and has potential, but he has to be a bigger part of Marquette's game if we intend to make the NCAA and compete for the Big East Championship. Right now, he looks too much like Craig Butrym and he needs to look like Jerome Whitehead!

Gene Frenkle said...

Burke freaked me out last year and I was very down on him. I got back on the 'optimistic' bandwagon earlier at the beginning of the season hoping for the best.

He was putrid. He hasn't improved at all. What's worse, too, is that we are very, very limited with downlow help from a defensive standpoint and again, he gobbled up four-fouls in only 15 minutes.

He was brutal.

But on the bright side, MU did wake up in the second half and pounded the ball inside/outside more in one half than I remember MU doing all last year combined. That was nice (and odd) to see.