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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Marquette takes on UW-Milwaukee

Infinity v nil, part deaux. Bud Bowl 2. Controversial contracts. The hype leading into this tilt has been unimaginable (er, absent).

Tonight, Marquette (2-0) hosts UWM (3-1) in a game that is "clearly an important issue to our fans and our students and fans of college basketball in the city of Milwaukee."

Sarcasm off.

Can't decide which of the thirty-five wins (with zero losses) you like best? Maybe you can start by reading the recap of last year's game. In case you forgot, MU put up a cool-hundy on the Panthers and won by thirty-five points.

Want a view of the preliminary numbers? Here is the Pomeroy Scouting Report. UWM is average at just about everything, although they do a good job protecting the ball (#48). It'll be interesting to see how they match up with the Marquette ball-hawking defense, which has not been particularly effective yet this season. Something's gotta give. The Panthers are also fairly bad offensive rebounding (#310) team and struggle to get to the line (#282). On defense, however, UWM does okay at limiting offensive rebounds (#59)

Here's the official release by Marquette, as well as the Game Notes. Rosiak also has a look at the UWM game as well. Should Marquette win, it'll be the program's 1400th victory all time. Bravo.

Tipoff for tonight's game is scheduled for 7:30pm. The game is available on the ESPN Full Court package.

Other misc notes:

*Rob Lowe and Tim Blair combined on this post.

Edit: Contract added:

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