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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Smell the Tickets v2008

Tickets came in the mail yesterday.

Usually, MU has a different ticket picture for each ticket, e.g., each team member gets an action photo on a game ticket, or a MU Legend would be on the game ticket. Not this year .. except for Senior Night, all the tickets are the same. Odd.

T minus-5 days...


theKAYman said...

Interesting. "Odd" or a team unity measure?

Oliver said...

No, it's a little odd. It would be team unity if everyone was on each ticket.

I thought they at least would have a ticket with Buzz on it. He is a fairly important new figure.

On another note, I am dreading the Buzz bobblehead sometime in the future. Somehow, I don't think his head will translate well.

Kevin Buckley said...

Yeah, I'm going with odd. "Team Unity" has been a catchphrase for years and they still had individual tickets. Plus, each man on the team got to be on a ticket. .. Plus, it's not like when it was DJ's ticket, he said "Dude, give me the ball and let me shoot. It's MY game, didn't you see the ticket?"

As for the Buzz Bobblehead .. I pleaded with Pintens that I had this damned Crean bobblehead on my shelf and I needed to replace it with Buzz. I suggested if they didn't have enough $ in the budget, they should just spring for a Buzz head, since the body is pretty generic, we could pop off Crean's skull and replace it.

Championships Matter said...

At the end of the day, why does this matter? The only art I want on our tickets is the NCAA title banner. Remember, Championships Matter!!!

A Buzz bobblehead? Wow, that ought to be something to see!