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Friday, November 28, 2008

MU Eats Another Cupcake, Beats UNI 73-43

Marquette cruised to another victory, smoking Northern Iowa by 30 points.

What's there to say about a pounding like this? Wes Matthews had 17. Lazar hit 15, McNeal 13.

For cripes sake, Frozena played 5 minutes tonight, presumably to rest our starters (and subs) for tomorrow. You'd need to go back to 19-ninety-never to find another game where a walk-on played 5 minutes for Marquette.

Here's the AP story.

Unofficial Box Score

Tomorrow, MU will take on Dayton in Marquette's first test of the year, as the first 5 have been some real Hostess Cupcakes: Marquette's Strength of Schedule for their first 5 games rate 343 out of 347, according to Sagarin.

Sure, after MU plays 18 BE games, their SOS will be top notch, but .. WOW. 343 out of 347? Unreal.

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Hunt said...

Thanks for the update Kevin. As I put up the Christmas tree and ornaments with the family (while listening to the Marquette game over the internet), I couldn't help but wonder how this team looks live. Any chance the CS team can give us an early "this is how their offense/defense looks under Buzz compared to under Crean"? It would be great for us alums who haven't been able to see them play yet this year. Love the blog by the way, you guys are doing great - keep up the good work.