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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Buycks Ranks as 4th Best Big East Player in Summer League

Dwight Buycks was the 4th best Big East player in Summer League based on a ratings system that basically mirrors the one I used to rate all Marquette player in The Ultimate Hoops Guide: Marquette University. Only the Georgetown duo of Otto Porter and Hollis Thompson, as well as Creighton's Doug McDermott ranked higher.

Using Buycks as an example, the formula is based on game averages of 19.7 points + 2.3 rebounds +4.3 assists + (2 X 0.7 steals) + (2 X 0 blocked shots) - 12.6 points allowed - 7.3 shots missed = 7.75 rating. That is the 65th best ranking of the 359 players who played in at least three games.

The number that should jump out at everyone on this list is the 4.3 assists, which gives him the 18th best assists average in Summer League. I had an NBA Assistant GM tell me two years ago that most thought Dwight could score at the NBA-level, the key was if he could learn to get assists.

NBA ROSTER PLAYERS NOT IN SUMMER LEAGUE (14): Dwayne Wade, Wesley Mathews, Jae Crowder, Jimmy Butler and Steve Novak give Marquette five players on NBA rosters NOT on this list, the most of any Big East team. Georgetown 3 (Henry Sims, Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert), Villanova 2 (Kyle Lowry, Randy Foye), Butler (Gordon Hayward), Creighton (Kyle Korver), Seton Hall (Samuel Dalembert), St. John’s (Maurice Harkless) and Xavier (David West) round out the 14 roster players not in Summer League.

Buycks gives Marquette six players on current rosters, while Porter and Thompson give Georgetown five. Based purely on these ratings, the next best chances to add to those numbers are further down the list. Georgetown's Chris Wright ranks 132nd, followed by Marquette's Trent Lockett (147th), Vander Blue (192nd after a great outing Saturday), Davante Gardner (201st), Jamil Wilson (209th after pulling out a Summer League quarterfinal win with an incredible assist and rejection in the closing seconds of overtime periods).

RnkPlayerTop 3TeamRatingPtsRebAstStlX2BlockX2Pts AllFG Miss
Average Top 359 players3.657.
1Glen Rice JrGeorgia TechWAS21.1325.
2Justin HamiltonLSUMIA17.9618.
3Nerlens NoelKentuckyPHI17.8813.
Big East 
28Otto PorterGeorgetownWAS10.2719.
30Doug McDermottCreightonCHI10.0418.
49Hollis ThompsonGeorgetownPHI9.0413.
65Dwight BuycksMarquetteTOR7.7519.
88Ricky LedoProvidenceDAL6.0215.
113Vernon MacklinSt. John'sORL4.855.
132Chris WrightGeorgetownMIL4.
147Trent LockettMarquetteDLS3.4311.
157Bryce CottonProvidenceSAS3.
186Justin BrownleeSt. John'sCHA2.6110.
191DJ KennedySt. John'sMIN2.544.
192Vander BlueMarquetteSAS2.537.
201Davante GardnerMarquetteCHI2.313.
202Kenny FreaseXavierMIL2.
209Jamil WilsonMarquetteWAS2.
219Maalik WaynsVillanovaWAS1.835.
245Mouphtaou YarouVillanovaPHI1.
278DaJuan SummersGeorgetownBKN0.6710.
338Fuquan EdwinSeton HallOKC-1.581.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Dwight, Jamil, putting up above average numbers to start Summer League

Dwight Buycks and Jamil Wilson will post above average Summer League ratings in a post I have going up on www.breitbart.com today. I have a simple rating system for Summer League Play - basically the NBA Efficiency Rating only we do not have easy access to turnovers or missed free throws.

There are 302 players in Summer League who have played at least 18 minutes so far - so obviously just getting started for most - but the average player has a 0.50 rating for one net contribution for every two minutes played. I listed the top 10 and then the wort few players so far. Mason Plumlee and Bernard James are the only two averaging more than one per minute, and Cleveland may want to worry a little about UVa's Joe Harris first outing after he moved so fast up the draft board.

Most importantly, Buycks is in the top third of all Summer League players (0.60 rating) after leading the Raptors with 21 points in a loss. Meanwhile Jamil Wilson's 16 points on only five missed shots in 37 minutes helps give him a slightly above average 0.54. I confess I cannot find any accounts of Jamil's play, so I am purely relying on the stats posted - so will go back on the Scoop to read up on news, but wanted to at least post this.

RnkSummer League >18'TeamRatingPtsRebAstStlBlkMissMin
1Mason PlumleeBKN1.06 54 14 5 5 2 6 70
2Bernard JamesDAL1.05 36 17 1 4 5 5 55
3Will CherryCLE0.97 28 10 5 1 - 6 39
4Trey ThompkinsLAL0.97 25 6 1 2 - 4 31
5Quincy MillerDEN0.97 49 12 6 2 4 13 62
6Rudy GobertUTA0.92 11 9 1 1 2 1 25
7Cory JeffersonBKN0.91 56 34 1 7 8 9 107
8Glen Rice Jr.WAS0.89 42 10 4 4 1 12 55
9Nerlens NoelPHI0.89 41 17 5 7 9 12 76
10Arinze OnuakuIND0.88 32 30 6 2 4 6 77


Dwight Buycks











Jamil Wilson










285Alec BrownPHX0.17 7 4 1 - 4 11 29
298Joe HarrisCLE0.05 4 - - - 1 4 22
299Dennis HornerMIN0.04 - 3 - - - 2 25
300Jerome JordanLAL- - 3 - 1 2 6 24
301Jerome DysonCHA(0.03)4 4 2 - - 11 37
302Scott WoodLAL(0.04)2 2 - 1 - 6 24

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Let's just admit we're all rusty at this and we'll get through it

It's been a couple of months since your ears have been blessed with the Scrambled Eggs podcast, so it's time to rectify that. We may have been on vacation but we're hoping it's not too noticeable. So where to start? A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks, but we start with the non-conference schedule and what that looks like within the scope of the team at present. We then transition into a roster discussion, including some of the additions and lack of transfers that will shape the team this season. That leads to a discussion of expectations for the season....spoiler alert, we're not sure what to think. The season will be shaped by the new staff Wojo has put together so we talk about that as well. Lastly, we talk about recruiting and just a hint of Buzz hating. Shake the rust off with us. Download this episode (right click and save)