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Saturday, December 23, 2017

MU & Butler Project as 1st 2 Teams Out After Value Add Adjustment for Froling and All Other Injuries, Transfers worth 0.5 or more pts.

The following table seeds the NCAA March Madness Field based on each team's current rating at www.kenpom.com adjusted by the Value Add rating of each player who is returning or lost for the season.

The first number is the current KenPom Rating. If a player who helps or hurts a team by at least 0.50 points is listed in this blog, then that total is reflected in the second "change" number, and after those two numbers are added together they are multiplied by .70 to estimate how many points each team is better or worse than average. Villanova calculates as 21.46 points better than the average team, which would leave them with a 1-seed.

Marquette and Butler actually calculate as the first two teams out of the tournament with Froling projecting to help the team by 1.21 points to make MU 9.91 points better than the average team in the country.

TeamKenPomChangePts above aveConfSeed
Michigan St.28.6319.79B101
North Carolina22.225.6419.25ACC1
Texas A&M24.2516.73SEC3
West Virginia22.5615.54B123
Wichita St.22.3815.42Amer3
Texas Tech22.2915.35B124
Miami FL21.5214.81ACC4
Seton Hall20.021.4814.80BE5
Florida St.18.22.1814.02ACC6
Saint Mary's17.42.1713.45WCC6
Arizona St.19.2513.23P126
Notre Dame19.0813.11ACC7
St. Bonaventure11.685.4711.76A109
St. John's13.763.3411.72BE10
Virginia Tech16.5111.31ACC10
Penn St.14.7710.09B1012-Dayton
Kansas St.14.579.95B1212-Dayton
Northern Iowa6.974.918.06MVC11
Middle Tennessee10.437.05CUSA11
College of Charleston4.384.686.09CAA12
Northern Kentucky8.425.64Horz13
UT Arlington8.235.51SB13
South Dakota7.354.90Sum13
Portland St.3.323.434.48BSky14
New Mexico St.6.674.42WAC14
East Tennessee St.6.544.33SC14
Stephen F. Austin4.252.73Slnd15
Florida Gulf Coast2.31.732.57ASun15
UC Santa Barbara3.392.12BW16
St. Francis PA-1.423.611.28NEC16-Dayton
UNC Asheville2.171.27BSth16-Dayton
Texas Southern-3.84-2.94SWAC16-Dayton
Butler14.549.93BE1st 4 out
Marquette13.31.219.91BE1st 4 out
Ohio St.14.369.80B101st 4 out
UCF8.325.579.48Amer1st 4 out
Missouri13.849.44SECNext 4 out
Oregon13.89.41P12Next 4 out
Rhode Island13.219.00A10Next 4 out
Oklahoma St.13.6-0.618.84B12Next 4 out
Syracuse12.898.77ACC3rd 4 out
Providence10.571.848.44BE3rd 4 out
San Diego St.12.138.24MWC3rd 4 out
Georgia10.71.428.23SEC3rd 4 out

Monday, December 18, 2017

Finals Week means intro music and some conference analysis

Yes, you tuned into the right podcast it's just slightly more legitimate with intro and outro music. We spent our finals week wisely, hopefully the team did as well because there are a couple of buy games to tune up with then #mubb hits conference season running. With that in mind, we don't spend a lot of time talking about the match-ups with Northern Illinois and American but what impact we expect from Wojo's new toy: Harry Froling. We talk about what Harry's expectations should be and how it does or does not impact our expectations for the season. We also talk about the up coming conference season in general and the first couple of games against Xavier and Georgetown in specific. It'll be the last podcast unitl after Christmas, so happy holidays to everyone and as always, Enjoy! Download this episode (right click and save)

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bucky Beatdown

Not much to say, but that was a very satisfiying week for #mubb culminating in a dominating performance against in-state rival University of Wisconsin - Madison extension. Basically we relesh the victory and take stock of where the non-conference performance places the team. Let's get to it. Enjoy! Download this episode (right click and save)

Monday, December 04, 2017

Go ahead and lie down on the couch, we're going to have a bit of a #mubb therapy session

Not to go full Nilihist Arby's but that was a painful loss for Marquette against Georgia. It was a game they needed to win and probably should have won but didn't. We break down the game as well as ask the question "What is wrong with Andrew Rowsey and can he be fixed?". We also spend a little time talking about what we liked from the game but spend most of the time talking about where this leaves the season and how concerned we are. We then looking to the future looking for hope and excitement that is #BadgerHateWeek and a game against Vermont. First up is the Vermont game where we try and figure out why Vermont has a decently ranked KenPom defense but still manages to not be good at a lot of defensive components. It's a must win for MU though and we discuss why. Then we roll into Saturday's big game against hated rival, Wisconsin. We spend a little time reviling in the fact that their basketball program isn't in great shape right now either and how we think the game will go on Saturday. Finally, we spend some time talking about Wojo's tenure at Marquette and whether the fire Wojo crowd will be satisfied this season and what concerns Wojo should have (hint: they won't and none). It's been a tough couple of games, but folks it's #BadgerHateWeek if you can't get excited for that, I don't know what the point is. Enjoy! Download this episode (right click and save)