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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Some Surprisingly Good Press from Milwaukee.

On the basis of articles like this and online polls implying MU fans are whiners (right hand column, half way down), MU fans have recently had trouble deciding whether the hometown newspaper was better for lining the birdcage or for wrapping dead fish.

They better hold off before tossing out the January 26th edition with the trash--columnist Mike Hunt has posted a complimentary story on MU and its surprising Big East success.

He says:

Everyone who predicted that Marquette would have a chance to make the NCAA tournament during its first season in the Big East may claim his or her prize at Uncle Duke's Unicorn Farm, just down the road from La-La Land. For the rest of the skeptics and cynics who prefer to be called realists, the Golden Eagles are trying to make suckers of us all.

In another article, the J/S Bob Wolfley explains the frustrating lack of television for MU fans.
ESPN owns the rights to all of the Big East Conference men's basketball games, including home games of Big East teams when they play a non-conference opponent. But because of cost, ESPN does not produce every Big East game and make it available nationally or regionally or in the markets of the competing teams.

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