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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The spirit of Christmas - Dwyane Wade donates house to displaced family

Former Marquette star Dwyane Wade did the ultimate in the name of Christmas spirit. After hearing about a family in South Florida who had their house accidentally burnt down by a nephew, Wade decided to provide a bit of Christmas cheer. Wade gave a house to the displaced family. A HOUSE!

The family was overcome with emotion and has a chance at a new beginning. We salute you Dwyane Wade. That goes above and beyond. Merry Christmas everyone, especially to you Mr. Wade.

Dwyane Wade donates house to displaced family

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Bryan said...

The way I read that story, DWade's foundation provided the house and will make the initial few payments, but after that, it will be the family's responsibility.

A generous move by Dwyane, no doubt. But not exactly a gift of a house - more like the gift of a place for the family to live so soon after they were displaced.