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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Patrick Hazel to transfer from Marquette University

Fox Sports a few days ago posted a list of upcoming transfers from division one schools. We confirmed tonight with Fox Sports that Hazel will, indeed, be transferring from Marquette University. Though nothing official has come from Buzz Williams, his staff, or the athletic department, Fox Sports indicated that it is definitely happening per sources close to the program (i.e. from a coach or administrator on the staff).

The move should not catch anyone by surprise. Hazel did not play any significant minutes down the stretch for Buzz's squad, even in blowout games (30 point win against St. John's) or contests where a tall body seemed the order of the day. Hazel failed to appear in any of the final ten games of the season. With Marquette over the limit by one scholarship, a transfer has been widely expected for weeks with Hazel the most likely candidate.

Hazel played in 21 games this season and averaged just a shade over 2 points per game. Hazel is from Queens, NY.


HoopsMalone said...

He played hard. Just had an unfortunate circumstance of the coach who recruited him leaving and a new coach bringing in a system where he did not necessarily fit. All the best to Hazel.

Anonymous said...

There's more to his transferring than simply being the unfortunate victim of a coaching change. According to a source close to the action, Hazel had a "disciplinary issue"

Unknown said...

On the court I always felt that Patrick gave Marquette 100%. Sorry to hear there may have been off the court issues. But then again he is a 20 year old. Probably better behaved then myself at 20 year old. Isn't his Dad a correctional officer?

The Chuter said...

According to the Chicago Tribune, Nick Williams has told Indiana University he plans to transfer. Again, for those with doubts, God does exist, and he sees Tom Crean just like we do!

Anonymous said...
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