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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Aaron Bowen Decommits from MU..

Todd Rosiak has reported that Aaron Bowen, a 2010-2011 commit, has backed out of Marquette and re-opened his recruitment.

Rosiak writes...

The primary reason for Bowen's change of heart, Rosebrock said, was the departure of Williams' former assistant, Dale Layer, who was hired as head coach at Liberty University on April 8.

Layer had been the point man in the 6-5 1/2, 180-pound guard's recruitment, which began last fall and ended with Bowen's commitment to MU last Nov. 20.

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Victor E. Panther said...

Ok albeit to a different extent.. we feel your pain:


God bless the Eagles and may the game at the BC this year actually provide a full 40 minutes of entertainment. I do believe UWM is up to the task this season.