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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Reeeling Warriors look to end skid against Hoyas

I had every intention of doing an eloquent preview of tonight's game between the Warriors and the Hoyas ..... then I read John Pudner's stellar Q/A over at the Casual Hoya and thought better of it.

Seriously, read all about it here. Pudner rocks.

MU v GU tips off tonight at 7pm Marquette Standard Time at the Bradley Center.

One thing to watch for tonight -- celebrate if David Cubillan snares his first rebound in BIG EAST play. The senior has yet to corral a board in 56 minutes of game action, surely some sort of record. Also, Cubillan's next assist will be his second in BIG EAST play this season. Meanwhile, the youthful but more talented Erik Williams continues to sit based on his performances in practice.


Bill Waldron said...

Thanks as always. With all due respect, though...I can't agree with the "reeling" in the title. Undermanned and undersized, yes. Disappointing losses? Sure. Competitive as hell? Yes.

If they respond to recent disappointments with a few blowout losses, or if we lose another player, then I'll see the team as "reeling."

Go Warriors!

TB said...

Fair enough -- but back-to-back soul crushing defeats put me in the 'MU is reeling' category. Time to bounce back, no doubt.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

I side with bwaldron on this. I'm more than pleased with the team's performance thus far. The games themselves are gut-wrenching, but this group's competitiveness is way ahead of where I thought it'd be coming into the season. They'll learn how to finish games at some point. I'm more concerned/curious with how they finish this year's BE schedule than how they start it.

Unknown said...

We won a close one! Congratulations Marquette! Great game!