"My rule was I wouldn't recruit a kid if he had grass in front of his house.
That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Friday, October 01, 2010

Marquette Media Update


Today's Must Read Items

First things first, if you missed it, check out the Recruiting Update below. Tim's update was like tasty, tasty crack. Posted after the article yesterday, it looks like Mike Shaw will be at Madness. Marquette's chances seem strong based on the article, but honestly, we are puzzled by the info they put in about Shaw's academics. By the way, there are 12 more test dates for the ACT/SAT during this academic year.

After recruiting, your second stop needs to be this great article about Marquette legend Hank Raymonds. Getting only minimal coverage, Coach Raymonds was diagnosed with a brain tumor over the summer. At 86 years old, Raymonds may not have a lot of time left on this earth. Let's cherish him a little more, because he's one of the true Marquette legends.

Updated with news from Rosiak - your third must-read of the day is his update on Boot Camp, which includes discussion of the schedule, boot camp, foot injuries, and Jamil Wilson petitioning the NCAA (not happening).

Moving on, we'll catch up on Marquette news from around the Internets.

News from Marquette

Madness is in two weeks. Let's restate that. COLLEGE BASKETBALL IS HERE AGAIN OFFICIALLY IN TWO WEEKS. I swear these offseasons get longer and longer. Surprisingly, there is very little info on Marquette's website.

After Madness, Marquette is holding Walk-On Tryouts on Oct 18th. You've got to be a current student, email Brad Autry, and get cleared in advance. Good luck unseating The Wild Rumpus. I heard on the "Internet" Frozena killed a guy last year.

Can't make it to Madness? Hit up the Fish Fry / Haunted Hoops event on Oct 22nd. Marquette has online registration or a PDF version. Reception is at 5, scrimmage starts at 7. Kids of all ages can wear their costumes.

MU release their Marquette Revealed - Episode 5 earlier this week. I've liked other videos, but this one was weak. However, supposedly more access is forthcoming and has been restricted so far due to NCAA regs. Eventual end product will consist of two, 30-minute HD TV shows, which will include some of the video in the webisodes and other footage as well.

Going to be on campus tonight for family weekend? Buzz is speaking tonight, for the second year in a row. It'll be in the Monaghan Ballrooms of the Alumni Memorial Union at 6 pm. Check the link for more details.

Marquette Players that Play for Money

People in Portland seem to be pretty psyched about Wesley Matthews.

Catch up on some results of Dominic James playing in Bulgaria. His team just lost the first leg of the EuroCup Qualifying Round (78-74), with James chipping in 10 pts and 6 assists. A few days ago James went for 17 pts, 7 rebounds, six assists in a victory. That second link is worth reading just for the translation, even if their English is better than my Bulgarian.

Other random news

Dick Enberg's play, "Coach: The Untold Story of College Basketball Legend Al McGuire", is going to be both at Belmont Abbey and Indiana University in October. Now, before you freak out about Crean and Indiana and why-the-hell-do-you-keep-using-Marquette-stuff-at-Indiana-when-it's-Indiana-it's-Indiana, Enberg got his masters and doctorate degrees from IU. okay, fine.

Buzz was quoted in this DeCourcy article about how thin the margin is in the BE.

The Racine Journal Times is asking who should be the first inducted into the Racine County Sports Hall of Fame (scroll down). Stupid, but go vote for either Jim Chones or Jim McIlvaine. If you want to.

Finally, attendees at Marquette games this year will see a brand-spanking new scoreboard. Here's the fact sheet. Both the Marquette link and the Journal-Sentinel article also include some short video clips.

PS - Donate to Al's Run. People that don't donate like kids getting sick. What kind of monster are you?

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