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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

More Tributes to Maurice Lucas

Plus other news from around the Internets...

Peter Vecsey has a wonderful, six-page feature about Maurice Lucas. It is well worth the time to read.

Rosiak called a number of former teammates and some coaches, including Bo Ellis, Dave Delsman, Rick Majerus, and Tom Crean.

If you're interested, Lucas' foundation is taking donations.

More season previews are starting to roll in. Luke Winn from SI looks at the BE and gives some props to Butler AND Johnson-Odom:

Breakout Candidate: Darius Johnson-Odom, Marquette

The Golden Eagles have two breakout candidates in their first year without Lazar Hayward: senior forward Jimmy Butler, a Scott Hattieberg-like character in college hoops (beloved by tempo-free statheads for his 128.5 ORating, unknown to average fans) ... and Johnson-Odom, a junior who could emerge as one of the league's best all-around guards. He's already one of the nation's most accurate three-point shooters (at 47.4 percent), and is developing into a formidable, physical perimeter defender. If he learns to finish more effectively around the rim, he'll be a star.

Jimmy F. Butler also makes SI's list of the Top 10 BE players.

Jeff Goodman drops some whispers from the nation's scrimmages. Good production from Davante Gardner and Buycks? Sign me up.

In other news, BE presidents and athletic directors are meeting today. Expansion is definitely a possibility. We'll be watching all of this carefully, and listening for any spooky music.

Going around to former players, Maurice Acker was drafted into the NBA D-League with the 5th pick in the 8th and final round. Acker will probably end up matching against his longtime pal, Jerel McNeal, who is also in the D-League. Good luck, Maurice and Jerel.

Watch some videos

Episode 11 of Marquette Revealed looks at DJO.

Speaking of MU legends, Rosiak had a great feature on Hank Raymonds. Let's appreciate Coach Raymonds while we still can. Watch the video from a few weeks ago. We missed this one, but it's great.

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