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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Top 50 wish list for last roster spot - the other 48 in order after Murray and Henry

I hadn’t planned to post a follow-up piece this weekend, but due to some of the great responses to my breakdown this morning (see below), I was able to get about 80 available high school players, JUCOS and transfers who might help Marquette on a spreadsheet and evaluate. From there, I ranked my top 50 wish list in order.

Thank you especially Dr. Blackheart for the transfer and JUCO All-American list, and brewcity for going through the JUCOs to pull up info, some of which I have listed almost verbatim below as my reasons for wanting the player.

Finally, let me say that there is no one on this list except Murray I would have rather had than Juan Anderson and Jamil Wilson, and having Todd Mayo and Derrick Wilson make the Top 10 list in New England and David Singleton give up a scholarship to come here already makes this a great class no matter what we do with this last spot. Whether we add a freshman or JUCO for next year or get a transfer that will come in with 4-star Jamal Ferguson in 2012, the future is bright. Also, please comment if I am including anyone who is already committed or that you know there are reasons there is no chance of getting him here.

1. Aaric Murray 6-10 La Salle force underneath could mean a deep run in 2013 and 2014
2. Jarion Henry 6-8 Texas prep would join Juan Anderson to give us two big 4-stars for four years to come
3. Pierre Jackson 5-10 PGs domination of junior college tournament like Crowder last year could give another dynamic point guard
4. Juwan Staten 6-0 freshman point guard for Dayton stepped in to be 10th best assist guy in country as a freshman - would love him here for Junior's senior year and then two years after Junior left
5. Keith Coleman 6-9 tough prep from Maine could be a late catch like Davante last year
6. Garrick Sherman, 6-10 Michigan State sophomore transfer didn't play a lot but decent shot blocker who hit 48 of 69 shots - would like him still being around one year after Otule
7. Philip Jurick 6-11 JUCO blocking 8 shots a game and ranked as 8th best JUCO would join Otule to make MU one of shot-blocking teams in country
8. Gods Gift Achiuwa 6-9 dominant player (23 ppg, 11 rpg) but at 6-9 and playing against weak competition just can't put him at the top of the list
9. Yvan Ngirabakunzi 6-10 three-star prep out of Mississippi could let Gardner play the 4
10. Amath M’Baye, 6-9 Wyoming sophomore who played over 32 minutes a game despite blocking a lot of shots and grabbing rebounds

11. Anton Grady 6-8 three star prep out of Cleveland hopefully got to see our Sweet 16 run!
12. Aaron Harwell, 5-10 PG for Centenary - I know they were 1-29 but this guy had great assist numbers for a terrible team and was the 15th best steals guy in the country and could play immediately (due to Centenary downgrading) and give us three years - Reggie Smith's replacement?
13. Tavares Speaks 6-4 JUCO 1st team All-American from Raleigh who can score at will - he is worth trying for just because he sounds like DJO with a little more height!
14. Gene Teague, 6-9 sophomore for Southern Illinois who could give us a lot of rebounds and some scoring Otule's senior year and the year after (hit 60 of 99 shots)
15. Hooper Vint 6-10 Arkansas prep at 190 pounds does make me nervous, but with progress of Otule and Gardner he can develop as a backup
16. Marsell Holden 5-11 JUCO 1st team All-American could take over scoring from the point as a change of pace from Junior Cadougan
17. Michael Hale 5-9 JUCO only pure point guard on 2nd team All-American squad who can score and assist - small but could be a really good Mo Acker type
18. A.J. English 6-3 three-star Delaware prep would certainly round class nicely - but with our current depth I'd just rather gamble on a center like Vint
19. Lonnie Hayes 6-foot JUCO 1st team All-American who could be impact player, but with some turnovers
20. Jeff Early 6-3 JUCO 1st team who is tough enough to play in the Bronx but focused enough to plan on Liberty before this breakout year - I'm intrigued at a combo guard like this if he can really play the point

21. Tony Kimbro 6-6 three-star guard from Louisville will have potential, though in the "switchable" category where we are stocked
22. Desmar Jackson, 6-5 Wyoming sophomore guard is actually Wyoming's best player, just think their center M'Baye fills a bigger need for MU
23. Larry McGaughey 6-5 JUCO 1st team All-American guard could be a poor man's Wesley Matthews - doesn't fill PG or C need, but still a "best available" potential option
24. Tyquan Goodlett 6-3 three-star from St. Anthony's in NJ are good credentials - hope he didn't go to the UNC game
25. Hanif Nixon-Hughes 6-4 JUCO Honorable Mention ran the point for a pretty good team as a freshman, so might consider grabbing him for 3 years
26. Jordan Latham 6-8 Xavier freshman was a 3-star who didn't break the rotation, but if Buzz believes he would be good with a change of scenary, I wouldn't mind a 6-8 guy with a year of practice against a major program
27. Tyler Brown 6-4 two-time JUCO All-American would be great - but as a 6-4 switchable doesn't fill the PG or big man need
28. Jeremy Jones 6-2 JUCO was 3rd team All-American and several high majors seem to like him - just don't know if he is a point
29. Colton Iverson, 6-10 Minnesota Junior - would love his shotblocking but sitting out one year to only play during Otule's senior year lowers his value to MU
30. Reco Lewis 6-2 JUCO HM who can dish and steal to give us an option at point, but also rebound and score - only fear is his team was TERRIBLE and you would hope a point could raise the game

31. Charles Ashford 6-1 JUCO point guard could be the top assist man available to backup Junior, but as only an Honorable Mention All-American on a weak team a few more questions
32. Cheikh Mbodji 6-9 JUCO power forward has major college interest, but as an honorable mention for a terrible team there are some questions
33. Dylan Talley 6-5 JUCO guard probably more of a fit for LSU - Honorable Mention All-American
34. Roger Franklin, 6-5 Oklahoma State sophomore hasn't played much in two years, but if we still see his 4-star potential from when he looked at MU originally not a bad pickup
35. Orlando Sanchez 6-8 JUCO HM led nation in blocked shots, but his team was terrible so think just a solid sub for Otule-Gardner
36. Quinton Pippen 6-4 JUCO Honorable Mention - now that we have Mayo's brother can't say I'd mind getting a shot at Scottie Pippen's nephew
37. Gary Cooper 6-8 prep from Michigan - wouldn't mind one more option inside
38. Charles Bennett 5-10 prep point guard from Houston would be an "extra" point guard against the press I imagine.
39. Jayson Guerrier 6-4 JUCO Honorable Mention who can help bring the ball up against press - and plays a couple of miles from my house in Alabama
40. Milos Kleut, 6-10 Lipscomb sophomore didn't play much, but did hit 15 of 26 shots so might be a good backup for Otule for when he got in foul trouble senior year and then give us one big man for the next year

41. Quevyn Winters 6-5 two-star prep out of Florida
42. Taylor Smith 6-6 JUCO 3rd team All-American but as a 6-6 shot-blocker probably more valuable to another team
43. Alex Carmen 6-3 prep from California - nice if Juan helps us establish that pipeline
44. Corbin Thomas 6-6 JUCO 3rd team but a switchable
45. Corey Wilford 6-1 JUCO 2nd team, but more of a scorer so may not fill the point
46. D'Andre Martin 6-2 prep from Louisianna
47. Martyre Demarco 6-2 prep from Arizona
48. Tavian Pomlee 6-5 prep from Iowa
49. Derrell Armstrong 6-1 JUCO HM who can run the point and dish, but lot of turnovers playing for a very poor team.
50. Diyaaldin Kelley, 6-11 great shot blocking junior for Maryland Eastern Shore but would purely be a one year back-up for Otule senior year

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