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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sources indicate West Virginia will be accepted to the Big 12

Another domino looks likely to fall in the Big East. Multiple media reports today, including the NY Times, that West Virginia applied and was accepted to the Big 12. Remember that Linkcommitment all the members made just a few days ago to stay together and raise the exit fee to $10 million? Remember.

This is another blow to the Big East and could be the death blow from a football perspective. Hard to see how they can keep their AQ status with this final defection. Too much quality has left and there isn't enough to cobble up and keep an AQ status conference together.

It's unfortunate, but this appears to be the defining blow. Sure, the conference will live on with some schools from C-USA and maybe the MWC, but when the AQ designations come up in a few years, it's hard to see how the Big East retains their BCS status. This also likely means Louisville, UCONN, Rutgers and Cincinnati will continue to look for greener pastures for their football programs.

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