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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Preseason Roundtable: Diaper Dandy

The roundtable rolls on. This time our straw poll is looking at Marquette's 2011 freshman class, and trying to make a few predictions on how Juan Anderson, Todd Mayo, and Derrick Wilson will do in their rookie campaign.

Which freshman will have the biggest impact this year?

Alan: Honestly, I have no idea. I don't expect any of them to average much more than 5 mpg come Big East play. But of the three, I suppose Wilson would be my choice. He should get some time at the point behind Cadougan, is said to be a great defender (which Buzz loves), and has the most Big East-ready body. If any of them can crack the 5 mpg barrier in Big East play, he's my pick.

Dr. Blackheart: Anderson, as he plays defense, rebounds, and is a fast learner, which means efficiency playing time for Buzz. The concern is the physical drain of the season. Mayo can provide an offensive spark off the bench, but I saw "prep school defense" on his videos.

James: My guess is that it's Wilson simply because Buzz seems to bury freshmen not named Vander Blue on the bench. With JC at the point, he will need 10-15 mpg to rest and Wilson will be the guy to give him a blow. I'm intrigued to see Mayo and have a special affection for Anderson, the first California player at MU in what seems like decades.

John: This is by far the hardest question because it could be any of the three. I've changed my mind on this one and now believe it will be Wilson because I'm starting to think PG is the only position that isn't deep, so his defense is going to be key once we get into Big East play.

Kevin: I'll pick a guy no one else will -- Jake Thomas (Editor's note: is that because he's a junior?). Yes, I know he's a transfer this year and won't play. But he will be practicing with the team, and with his 3-point bombing ability, the starters are going to have to get better defending the 3, or those practices will be looooooong.

Rob: Please. None of them. I'll believe a freshman has an impact for Buzz when a freshman finally has an impact.

Tim: Mayo. The Marquette backcourt is offensively bankrupt outside of DJO, and Mayo is the one freshman who could change that. Wilson might play more minutes, but Mayo has a chance to have a bigger impact.

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