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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ranking of all NBA Summer League Players (will be updated)

(FINAL RANKINGS) The following is the list of all 384 players who have played at least one NBA Summer League game, either in Las Vegas, Orlando or both.  They are ranked by NBA Efficiency, which is not my stat, but it is a good quick stat the league uses to evaluate performances by awarding one point each for points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks (the same math I used in 2008 when I ranked all 1,519 players in MU history in The Ultimate Hoops Guide: Marquette University), and then subtracts a point each for missed field goals, turnovers and free throws.  We did not include missed free throws because they don't appear on the leaders lists, and frankly one missed free throw does not hurt a team as much as a turnover or a missed field goal, so if we had to leave on out I'm glad that's the one.  Unfortunately turnovers do not either, which I'd love to have, but based on watching how many turnovers result from misreading cuts from brand new teammates, it is probably ok that missed shots are the thing that players are punished for in the list below.

This list will be updated periodically until they are done in Las Vegas, and a piece will appear shortly that focuses in on specific players and our statistical prediction of how good they should be.  For example, we said the statistical indicator of NBA performance indicated that Meyers Leonard of Illinois would be a better player than Andre Drummond.  In full disclosure, NBA officials have been impressed with Drummond, but over five games he only averaged 7 points, 5 rebounds, 1 steal and 2 blocks a game in Orlando for the 94th best efficiency rating.  Meanwhile, Leonard came out of the gates in Las Vegas with a much stronger performance of 14 points, 11 rebounds and 3 blocked shots for the 4th best efficiency rating.  It's only one game, and maybe we will eat crow for calculating that Leonard should be taken ahead of Drummond (though we projected both as NBA starters), but at least Leonard is off to a good start.

The 8 draftees not participating in Summer League are; Anthony Davis (1st pick, NOH, Olympics), Jared Cunningham (24th, DAL, injured), Arnett Moultrie (27th, PHI, inj), and five international players being banked for future seasons in Kostas Papanikolaou (48th, NYK), Ognjen Kuzmic (52nd, GS), Furkan Aldemir (53rd, LAC), Tomislav Zubcic (56th, Tor) and Ilkan Karaman (57th, BRK).

The "LV" or "O" indicates whether these are from the Orlando or Las Vegas summer league, and for simplicity case if a player has played in both we gave him his best total of the two.  In these final rankings I added a "d" by the ranking of any player drafted this year and a 2nd number of how they ranked among this year's draftees, so Josh Selby ranked 4th of all players but was not a 2012 draftee so all he has is a "4," but Damian Lillard was the 5th best overall player and 2nd best of any  2012 draftee so he gets a 5d2 (and clearly was the best since Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's 1st place was based on only one game).  THESE ARE THE FINAL RANKINGS

RnkPLAYER NAMEGmsLgMinPtsfgmfgaRebAstStlBlkEff
1d1Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (CHA)1LV2218712854030
2Klay Thompson (GSW)2LV29.520.5713.564.51.51.527.5
3Kawhi Leonard (SAS)2LV34258.5186310.526
4Josh Selby (MEM)5LV27.424.27.8142.43.22.4026
5d2Damian Lillard (POR)4LV32.826.58.82045.30.5025.1
6Markieff Morris (PHX)5LV30.619.86.816.49.820.8224.8
7Tobias Harris (MIL)5LV33.420.88.616.
8Austin Daye (DET)5Orl26.
9Jimmy Butler (CHI)4LV35.520.85.512.86.520.8022.8
10Malcolm Thomas (CHI)5LV27.811.44.68.612.41.401.422.6
11d3John Henson (MIL)4LV32.518.37.814.56.81.511.522.4
12Donatas Motiejunas (HOU)4LV2516.3711.
13Jordan Hamilton (DEN)5LV31.819.27.415.46.43.61022.2
14Ed Davis (TOR)5LV27.416.
15d4Terrence Jones (HOU)5LV25.218.27148.
16Cory Joseph (SAS)5LV33176.413.
17Lance Stephenson (IND)4Orl3119.87.514.
18Chandler Parsons (HOU)1LV2616611541021
19Nolan Smith (POR)2LV2518.57123.52.51020.5
20d5Bernard James (DAL)5LV26.
21Adam Morrison (LAC)5LV30207.613.85100.220
22Dominique Jones (DAL)5LV28.816.4613.24.850.60.219.8
23Josh Akognon (SAC)3LV18.319.35.31030.71.3019.6
24Chris Singleton (WAS)5LV30.
25Terrel Harris (MIA)4LV26.315.55113.
26d6Meyers Leonard (POR)4LV29.810.
27Eric Bledsoe (LAC)3LV33.312.3511.33.75.730.318.7
28d7Thomas Robinson (SAC)5LV29.6134.412.89.8310.218.6
29Dionte Christmas (BOS)5Orl26.412.24.610.
30Brandon Knight (DET)4Orl2914.
31d8Jeremy Lamb (HOU)5LV29.2207154.40.810.218.4
32d9Bradley Beal (WAS)5LV30.617.65.613.44.61.81118.2
33d10Jared Sullinger (BOS)4Orl28.313.84.511.28.310.8118.2
34d11Jae Crowder (DAL)5LV32.216.6614.45.41.620.818
35Enes Kanter (UTA)5Orl2610.
36Kenneth Faried (DEN)3LV25.711.34.31181.31317.9
37Kemba Walker (CHA)5LV31.615.8514.
38Wes Johnson (MIN)4LV3020.57.2151.
39Lance Thomas (NOH)5LV32.6144.2107.
40Keith Benson (ATL)5LV23.613.
41Jeremy Evans (UTA)3Orl23.310.
42Luke Babbitt (POR)4LV30.813.
43Alec Burks (UTA)5Orl26.817.25.4123.420.6016.6
44Maalik Wayns (ORL)3Orl26.711.749.
45Samardo Samuels (CLE)5LV20.812.
46Derrick Williams (MIN)5LV28.815.4411.
47Jimmer Fredette (SAC)5LV28.8184.813.
48d12Tyler Zeller (CLE)5LV22.611.
49Bryant Dunston (BKN)5Orl28.493.
50Dexter Pittman (MIA)4LV1911.
51d13Will Barton (POR)5LV32.8155.612.
52d14Miles Plumlee (IND)5Orl30.6134.6106.60.40.4116
53d15Royce White (HOU)5LV25.
54Deon Thompson (MEM)5LV24.2114.685.
55MarShon Brooks (BKN)4Orl3117615.
56Al Thornton (BKN)4Orl22.513.
57Charles Jenkins (GSW)5LV27.814.
58d16Andrew Nicholson (ORL)5Orl26.
59Mardy Collins (DLS)5LV2512.
60Darius Morris (LAL)5LV28.615.24.8133.
61E'Twaun Moore (BOS)2LV29.517714.53.520.5015.5
62JaJuan Johnson (BOS)2LV276.5258.511.5115.5
63d17Harrison Barnes (GSW)5LV33.616.8615.
64Norris Cole (MIA)4LV30133.
65Reggie Jackson (OKC)4Orl26.515.
66d18Tyshawn Taylor (BKN)4Orl29.815.55.512.
67Lazar Hayward (OKC)4Orl29.815.84.813.
68Hilton Armstrong (LAC)5LV25.
69Xavier Henry (NOH)5LV28.812.
70Derwin Kitchen (DEN)4LV288.33.88541.30.314.7
71Tyler Wilkerson (SAS)4LV20.89.33.8550.50.30.814.7
72Bismack Biyombo (CHA)5LV218.635.460.601.814.6
73d19Tony Wroten (MEM)5LV2413.25.2133.441.20.614.6
74Mike Harris (MIN)5LV239.
75Coby Karl (MIN)4LV218.
76Devin Searcy (PHI)5Orl21.87.435.
77Chris Copeland (NYK)5LV22.813.85.21140.60.8114.4
78Latavious Williams (OKC)4Orl19.
79Brian Roberts (NOH)5LV27.413.84.89.622.21014.2
80Andre Emmett (DLS)5LV24.
81Ben Uzoh (TOR)5LV21.
82Bobby Brown (TOR)5LV22.613.2510.
83Scott Machado (HOU)5LV25.482.
84Chris Wright (TOR)4LV25.89.536.
85Jacob Pullen (PHI)3Orl21.713.74.7112.33.30.7013.7
86d20Evan Fournier (DEN)5LV31.214.84.410.
87Larry Sanders (MIL)3LV25.
88Eric Dawson (SAS)5LV20.473.46.46.810.8113.6
89Byron Mullens (CHA)5LV26.215.4615.
90Tony Mitchell (SAC)5LV22.811.
91d21Perry Jones III (OKC)2Orl2612511.560.501.513.5
92Drew Viney (MIA)4LV22.
93d22John Jenkins (ATL)5LV28.615.66.412.621.20.8013.4
94d23Tornike Shengelia (BKN)5Orl21.
95James Anderson (SAS)5LV26.610.63.68.4520.40.213.4
96Jerry Smith (DLS)5LV24.611.
97Artsiom Parakhouski (NYK)5LV18.483.
98Julian Mavunga (IND)4Orl18.861.83.56110.813.1
99d24Andre Drummond (DET)5Orl24.
100d25Kyle O' Quinn (ORL)5Orl21.48.847.
101Jeremy Pargo (MEM)2LV26123.510.505.52.5013
102Justin Holiday (PHI)5Orl24.811.84.2114.
103Leo Lyons (DLS)5LV22.811.648.24.4100.213
104Chris Daniels (DLS)5LV18.
105Gary Forbes (HOU)1LV171134300013
106Kent Bazemore (GSW)4LV20.
107Garrett Temple (OKC)5Orl26.810.648.
108d26Robert Sacre (LAL)5LV3192.
109Jan Vesely (WAS)5LV23.
110Tristan Thompson (CLE)4LV15.8104.
111d27Mike Scott (ATL)5LV27.2103.
112d28Draymond Green (GSW)5LV266.427.
113Jarrid Famous (MIL)4LV16.383.
114d29Kim English (DET)5Orl3011.
115d30Kendall Marshall (PHX)4LV3372.
116Stefhon Hannah (MIL)4LV17.393.26.21.831.3012.1
117Solomon Jones (PHI)5Orl21.
118d31Kris Joseph (BOS)5Orl21.
119Gary Forbes (HOU)1LV20938520112
120Shavlik Randolph (WAS)4LV17.
121Jeff Foote (BKN)5Orl20.46.22.855.810.20.811.8
122Kammron Taylor (MIN)4LV191047.
123Brad Wanamaker (ATL)5LV186.823.62.44.20011.8
124d32Doron Lamb (MIL)4LV29145112.80.80011.6
125d33Terrence Ross (TOR)5LV27.214.45.2143.61.41011.6
126Julian Khazzouh (LAL)3LV26.3835.741.30.70.311.6
127Luke Harangody (CLE)4LV13.58.534.
128Denzel Bowles (NOH)5LV16.27.2376.
129Jerome Jordan (NYK)2LV211047.540.500.511.5
130Hassan Whiteside (SAC)2LV154.523.5500.5311.5
131Paulo Prestes (MIN)5LV185.
132Carleton Scott (BKN)5Orl17.8837.
133Deandre Liggins (ORL)5Orl24.45.61.644.62.80.8011.4
134Mitchell Watt (MEM)5LV207.
135Talor Battle (LAC)4LV1493.25.81.530.5011.4
136Luke Sigma (MIN)4LV14.842351.31.50.511.3
137d34Jeffery Taylor (CHA)4LV27.311.84.511.
138Matt Janning (MEM)5LV218.
139Donald Sloan (CLE)5LV24.410.
140Chinemelu Elonu (LAL)4LV16.84.524.270.501.311.1
141Lavoy Allen (PHI)3Orl25.76.738.35310.711.1
142Cole Aldrich (OKC)4Orl23.551.
143PJ Tucker (PHX)5LV21.
144Marcus Hubbard (LAC)5LV20.872.
145d35Orlando Johnson (IND)5Orl33.412.4415.2531.20.410.8
146Aaron Miles (MIL)5LV16.
147Kyle Singler (DET)3Orl32.7103.
148Marcus Morris (HOU)3LV21.783.77.751.70010.7
149d36Justin Hamilton (MIA)3LV1992.75.7400.7010.7
150Charles Garcia (PHX)5LV22935.
151Christian Eyenga (LAL)5LV30.812.64.8123.
152d37Austin Rivers (NOH)2LV321029.52.53.52010.5
153Chris Johnson (PHI)4Orl22.
154Josh Carter (DEN)5LV20935.421.20.6010.4
155Shelvin Mack (WAS)5LV24.6114.
156Gani Lawal (DEN)5LV208.
157d38Dion Waiters (CLE)3LV3012.3413.3331010
158Justin Harper (ORL)5Orl2512.24.412.
159d39Quincy Acy (TOR)2LV22.562.55.550.510.510
160DeShawn Sims (PHX)5LV19.810.84.61040.200.410
161Trey Gilder (MIA)3LV18.361.755.31.70.3010
162Jeff Pendergraph (IND)3Orl1841.
163Sylven Landesberg (NYK)2LV14824211010
164Ahmad Nivins (NYK)1LV13844100110
165Cedric Jackson (SAS)2LV13423.51.523.50.510
166Trey Thompkins (LAC)1LV12738700110
167Drew Gordon (DAL)5LV21.841.84.660.
168Othello Hunter (CHA)5LV15.
169Carlon Brown (CHA)5LV22.
170Reeves Nelson (LAL)3LV16.341.
171Marcus Landry (PHX)5LV21114930.40.209.6
172Kevin Anderson (ORL)5Orl20.47.637.
173Justin Knox (UTA)5Orl13.
174d40Quincy Miller (DEN)5LV20.86.82.885.
175Gary McGhee (LAC)5LV14.24.823.650.2019.4
176Alex Young (SAC)3LV167.33530.700.39.3
177Jeff Brooks (WAS)4LV15523.24.300.30.89.2
178Cory Higgins (CHA)5LV23.69.83.610.
179Dequan Jones (ORL)4Orl21.362.
180Frank Hassell (ATL)5LV14.451.83.64.2010.69
181Vernon Macklin (DET)5Orl14.44.423.85.600.40.49
182Brian Butch (MIL)2LV145.52.576.5001.59
183LaMarcus Reed III (POR)2LV1472.54.52.510.509
184Stephen Dennis (BKN)4Orl17.551.
185Steven Gray (WAS)3LV17.
186James White (NYK)3LV226.32.384.
187Justin Burrell (GSW)5LV19.
188Zabian Dowdell (MIN)4LV18.
189Marcus Dove (DLS)5LV185.
190Chris Kramer (IND)5Orl15.
191Paris Horne (CHA)3LV20.35.7264.320.708.7
192Justin Dentmon (DAL)5LV21.492.
193Elijah Millsap (ATL)5LV13.66.6242.210.808.6
194Craig Brackins (BOS)5LV17.28.63.6830.
195Terrico White (LAC)5LV228.
196d41Festus Ezeli (GSW)5LV20.
197Mickell Gladness (MIA)4LV1251.
198Dwight Buycks (OKC)5Orl13.88.63.870.
199Tarence Kinsey (MIL)4LV13.8623.51.3110.38.1
200Xavier Silas (PHI)5Orl21.
201d42Kevin Murphy UTA)5Orl22.68.63.482.410.20.48
202Wesley Matthews (POR)1LV1573620118
203Kenny Gabriel (SAC)1LV1582300018
204Marcus Lewis (POR)5LV14.
205Charlie Westbrook (ORL)3Orl12.783.
206Micheal Eric (CLE)5LV12.641.
207Gavin Edwards (POR)2LV11500.52010.58
208John Holland (OKC)4Orl16.
209Cameron Wells (MIL)4LV13.
210d43Fab Melo (BOS)5LV17.641.633.
211Trent Plaisted (TOR)5LV22.
212Wesley Witherspoon (NYK)5LV16.682.
213Jeremy Tyler (GSW)4LV15.
214Ahmad Nivins (NYK)4LV155.523.53.50.3007.8
215Jamar Smith (BOS)5LV23.810.23.410.61.81.8107.6
216Robert Dozier (MIA)3LV18.33.71.343.
217Blake Ahearn (UTA)5Orl1351.631.22.40.407.6
218Larry Owens (BOS)4LV15.
219Josh Harrelson (HOU)2LV116.52.553000.57.5
220Jamarr Sanders (MIL)3LV1741.74410.707.4
221Jon Scheyer (PHI)5Orl16.65.824.821.
222T.J. Campbell (CLE)5LV16.
223Jordan Taylor (ATL)5LV18.
224Mustapha Farrakhan (NYK)5LV17.
225Dominique Johnson (SAC)3LV1792.76.70.710.30.37.3
226Magnum Rolle (ORL)3Orl146.736.74000.37.3
227Ekene Ibekwe (POR)5LV15.64.41.654.
228Kyle Fogg (HOU)1LV2242321107
229Michael Lee (SAC)5LV16.45.824.
230Daniel Orton (TOR)5LV13.
231James Mays (OKC)2Orl84.523.530107
232Mychel Thompson (NYK)5LV205.
233JaMychal Green (SAS)4LV10.84.31.522.50.300.36.9
234Diante Garrett (PHX)5LV16.44.6251.
235Yancy Gates (DET)5Orl15.
236Josh Owens (CHA)4LV9.852.532.30006.8
237Devoe Joseph (TOR)5LV167.62.85.410.600.26.8
238Demonte Harper (DEN)4LV12.
239Garett Siler (WAS)4LV7.32.512.
240Jerome Randle (MEM)4LV20.
241Kenny Hayes (DLS)5LV16.
242Ben Hansbrough (IND)5Orl14.861.2411.60.806.6
243Jonathan Gibson (BOS)5LV14.47.82.68220.206.6
244Clay Tucker (PHI)4Orl22.393.510.
245Corey Fisher (MIN)5LV186.
246Henry Sims (CHI)5LV15.
247d44Maurice Harkless (PHI)2Orl165.52.55.531006.5
248Mac Koshwal (NOH)3LV9.
249Dee Bost (POR)5LV20.
250David Harrison (DAL)5LV113.
251Salah Mejrl (UTA)3Orl112.
252d45Marquis Teague (CHI)5LV27.410.6413.61.430.60.26.2
253Chris Roberts (DAL)5LV215.
254Robert Vaden (IND)5Orl17.85.825.
255Jermaine Taylor (CHI)4LV17.56.837.
256Joe Ragland (GSW)5LV14.
257Jerome Dyson (NOH)5LV13.84.61.642.
258Mickey McConnell (LAC)3LV14.7313.31.72.7106.1
259Earl Calloway (WAS)4LV13.351.542.310.306.1
260Alexis Ajinca (SAS)4LV102.
261Terrance Henry (MEM)4LV9.531230.800.36.1
262Zoran Dragic (HOU)4LV21.
263D.J. Kennedy (CLE)5LV17.23.414.44.61.4006
264d46Robbie Hummel (MIN)5LV15.
265Courtney Sims (MEM)1LV1542650016
266d47Tomas Satoransky (WAS)5LV13.
267Damian Saunders (MIA)5LV164.
268Stephane Lasme (BOS)5LV12.831.
269Xavi Rey (MEM)4LV12.
270Marquez Haynes (OKC)4Orl10.351.540.82.30.305.9
271d48Marcus Denmon (SAS)5LV14.65.425.
272Leon Powe (CHI)5LV134.
273d49Khris Middleton (DET)5Orl23.
274Adrian Thomas (MIA)4LV17.37.52.572.300.505.8
275James Nunnally (SAC)4LV14.
276Matt Rogers (IND)4Orl11.
277Demetri McCamey (CHI)5LV13.
278Olek Czyz (CHI)5LV124.
279Renaldo Major (DLS)3LV16.
280Darnell Jackson (SAC)5LV14.231.4440.600.65.6
281Paul Carter (ATL)5LV14.241.852.
282Terrance Withers (NYK)4LV10.34.81.5420.50.805.6
283Erving Walker (PHX)4LV13.85241.51005.5
284Garrett Stutz (MIN)2LV122145100.55.5
285Jarrod Jones (SAC)4LV9.53.31.2330.50.505.5
286Tony Gaffney (UTA)4Orl11.
287Antoine Wright (LAC)5LV25.
288Ryan Reid (OKC)5Orl14.641.
289Michael Stockton (UTA)5Orl12.
290Diamon Simpson (HOU)3LV10.73.713.32.710.305.4
291Jeremy Wise (DLS)5LV18.
292d50Darius Johnson-Odom (LAL)5LV15.
293Sean Williams (BOS)4Orl14.84.31.842.50.300.55.4
294Kyle Goldcamp (NYK)4LV11.52.813.240.30.505.4
295Dominique Sutton (ORL)5Orl133.
296Matt Gatens (PHX)3LV106.32.34.710.3005.2
297Olu Ashaolu (MIL)4LV9.
298Luke Zeller (SAS)3LV19.76.72.772.3000.35
299Alan Voskuil (MEM)1LV1551301105
300Kyle Weaver (MIA)5LV14.830.642.
301Terrence Jennings (PHI)5Orl14.
302Chris Wright (GSW)1LV1231220105
303Brian Butch (MIL)1LV1140120005
304Hank Thorns (MEM)1LV372510005
305Chris Smith (NYK)5LV19.
306Deron Washington (UTA)5Orl9.43.812.
307Jeremiah Rivers (NYK)4LV173.
308Courtney Fortson (HOU)4LV14.
309Patrick O?Bryant (PHX)4LV8.52.312.530.300.84.9
310Keith Wright (DAL)5LV123.
311Andrew Goudelock (LAL)5LV22.89.83.611.
312d51Darius Miller (NOH)5LV18.
313Tony Easley (MIN)3LV6.72112.3000.34.6
314Rakim Sanders (GSW)3LV5.731220.30.304.6
315Jarvis Varnado (MIA)2LV152133.500.50.54.5
316Scott Christopherson (POR)2LV1552410.5004.5
317John Shurna (ATL)5LV15.
318Casper Ware (DET)5Orl13.44.21.461.42.80.604.4
319Edwin Ubiles (CHI)5LV13.64.424.
320TU Hollaway (DAL)4LV11312.50.320.304.1
321John Millsap (UTA)4Orl6.
322Tyren Johnson (IND)5Orl12.62.813.
323Malcolm Delaney (DET)2Orl94.50.53.511.5004
324Mike Green (UTA)5Orl8.420.
325Rakim Sanders (GSW)2LV4.54.512.50.50.5004
326Jason Clark (MIA)4LV14.53.51.551.
327Kyle Weems (TOR)4LV1652.
328Jorge Gutierrez (DEN)4LV13.
329Cam Tatum (MEM)4LV13.53.813.
330Cameron Moore (LAC)5LV14.
331Zach Rosen (PHI)4Orl17.531.
332Ryan Richards (SAS)4LV113.
333Hamady N'diaye (IND)4Orl10.520.522.300.50.53.8
334Patrick Sullivan (CHA)4LV8.5211.21.50.5003.8
335Xavier Gibson (MIL)4LV13.
336Ryan Thompson (ORL)4Orl17.
337LaRon Dendy (WAS)3LV63.
338Michael Thompson (NOH)4LV13.541.
339Matthew Bryan-Amaning (NOH)5LV10.42.20.832.
340Derrick Byars (SAS)3LV8.32.71.3210.30.303.6
341Martin Davis (NOH)3LV62122.300.303.6
342David Jelinek (DAL)5LV6.85.21.64000.40.23.4
343DeMarre Carroll (UTA)3Orl15.
344Lazeric Jones (SAC)3LV142.714.
345d52Izzet Turkyilmaz (DEN)3LV11.330.72.320003.4
346Dwight Hardy (MIA)3LV13.
347Chukwudiebere Maduabum (DEN)3LV15.72.313.72.70013.3
348Kim Tillie (WAS)4LV102.
349Ramone Moore (CHI)5LV19.451.
350Micah Downs (DAL)4LV10.
351Patrick Richard (DET)3Orl123.
352Toure? Murry (LAL)4LV8.
353David Lighty (PHX)4LV16.541.
354Jeremy Hazell (ATL)5LV10.
355Darko Planinic (NOH)3LV62110.70.3003
356DJ Mbenga (MIL)1LV500020013
357Justin Williams (PHI)1Orl500010023
358Austin Freeman (NOH)5LV15.23.414.
359Juan Pattillo (DLS)4LV6.
360Morris Almond (OKC)5Orl19.641.
361L.D. Williams (SAS)4LV14.
362Lawrence Hill (LAL)3LV11.72.3142.7000.72.7
363Bradford Burgess (ORL)3Orl720.710.70.3002.7
364Jon Diebler (POR)3LV213.31.35.32100.32.6
365Matt Howard (PHX)3LV8.
366Lamont Hamilton (MIA)4LV111.
367Chase Simon (CHI)1LV1342620002
368Lior Eliyahu (MIN)2LV10.531.551.51002
369Delroy James (ATL)4LV5.
370Luke Nevill (ORL)3Orl6.3212.7100.30.31.9
371Garrett Sim (GSW)2LV3.
372Stephen Graham (UTA)5Orl82.
373Terrell Stoglin (TOR)5LV72.
374Walker Russell Jr. (NYK)3LV14.72.30.3301.7001.3
375Garret Green (LAL)1LV300010001
376Alexis Wangmene (SAS)3LV6000.71.3000.30.9
377Larry Anderson (LAC)4LV8.
378Woodfox Booker (DAL)2LV10202.500.50.500.5
379Ravern Johnson (WAS)2LV92.513.50.50000.5
380Matt Pressey (CLE)4LV9.820.84.50.81000.1
381Taurean Green (BKN)2Orl11.510.
382Reggie Hamilton (IND)1Orl500110000
383Eli Holman (HOU)1LV200000000
384Eric Griffin (LAL)2LV3.500100.500-0.5
385Kyle Weems (GSW)1LV100010000-1
386Manny Harris (HOU)1LV40021000-1
Anthony Davis (NOH)NPOlym
Jared Cunningham (DAL)

Arnett Moultrie (PHI)NPinj
Kostas Papanikolaou (NYK)NPIntl
Ognjen Kuzmic (GS)NPIntl
Furkan Aldemir (LAC)NPIntl
Tomislav Zubcic (Tor)NPIntl
Ilkan Karaman (BRK)NPIntl

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