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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mayo's return eclipses Monarch's departure; prepares MU to take on 3 top 25 RPI opponents early

After 1,467 self-reported secondary violations in the Big Ten from 2006-2011, critics were quick to  jump on Marquette having a rare one.  Buying a piece of merchandise and giving a ride to a recruit is certainly a clear violation in the almost 500-page and growing NCAA rule book. It is a shame that Scott Monarch is no longer an assistant coach at Marquette due to reportedly being untruthful over what would otherwise be one of thousands of secondary violations.

We certainly do not want to kick Coach Monarch while he is down, but assistant coaches move on frequently and his departure is eclipsed by the reports that one of Marquette's four top 500 players - Todd Mayo - is now back in class.  Based on http://www.valueaddbasketball.com/ Todd Mayo is MUs 4th best player and Marquette is the 25th best team in the land, while without him MU would drop to the 41st best team and a bubble team.  Here is how Marquette's top 3 players and 25th best Value Add stacks up against the non-conference foes.

DateOpponent / EventRnkRank, Player, Height2nd Best3rd Best
10/12/2012Marquette Madness25158 Gardner 6-8317 J. Wilson 6-7327 Blue 6-4
11/9/2012vs. Ohio State (Carrier Cl, Charleston SC)98 Craft 6-212 Thomas 6-7219 Smith 6-4
11/11/2012vs. Colgate TV3182321 McMullen 6-62383 Roh 6-42688 Moore 6-5
11/13/2012vs. Southeastern Louisiana250760 Johnson 6-61665 Populist 5-101688 Petovcic 6-8
11/19/2012EA SPORTS Maui InvitationalRnkBest Value Add2nd Best3rd Best
vs. vs. Butler TV85209 Clarke 6-0373 Smith 6-11464 Marshall 6-6
11/20/2012EA SPORTS 2nd RoundRnkBest Value Add2nd Best3rd Best
vs. North Carolina-2nd round? TV31176 McAdoo 6-9206 Bullock 6-7223 Hairston 6-6
vs. Mississippi St.-2nd round?135506 Steele 6-3748 Sword 6-3819 Ware 6-8
11/21/2012EA Sports 3rd Round (unless Chaminade)RnkBest Value Add2nd Best3rd Best
vs. Illinois-Final Round?107586 Paul 6-4596 Abrams 6-1598 Shaw 6-6
vs. Texas-Final Round?1034 McClellan 6-498 Holmes 6-7156 Kabongo 6-1
vs. Southern Cal-Final Round?74226 Terrell 6-3465 Jones 5-7525 Dedmon 525
Final Non-ConferenceRnkBest Value Add2nd Best3rd Best
11/26/2012vs. MD Baltimore Co.3202125 Basalyga 6-92223 Getz 6-02289 Lane 5-11
11/29/2012at Florida (SEC/BE Challenge) TV1529 Boynton 6-296 Young 6-9277 Murphy 6-10
12/8/2012vs. Wisconsin TV2390 Gasser 6-3128 Berggren 6-10162 Evans 6-6
12/15/2012vs. Savannah State150622 Louis 6-7839 Rudolph 5-11874 Smith 6-8
12/19/2012at Green Bay113174 Brown 7-1232 Cerroni 6-2340 Sykes 5-10
12/22/2012vs. LSU77155 Hickey 5-10503 O'Bryant 6-9532 Carmouche 6-2
12/29/2012vs. North Carolina Central218896 Chapman 6-1947 Willis 6-61584 Ingram 6-3

If opponents' RPIs play out like their preseason Value Adds, Marquette could face 3 non-conference top 25 RPI teams and 4 in the top 50.  As you can see, Ohio State has two of the top 12 players in the country while Colgate does not have any of the top 2300 players in the country.

13 Non-Conf201220112010
RPI Top 25322
Top 50403
Top 100656
Top 200997
Not Top 200446

The 6th top 100 opponent could be LSU, which stunned then No. 8 Marquette last year but did not appear to be a Top 100 team until Memphis graduate Charles Carmouche signed to play this year with LSU.  It looks like Mayo's return means Marquette will be ready for an improved non-conference schedule.

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