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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Marquette put on your dancing shoes, but for how long?

Upset about an upset? Don't be... at least not yet. In the latest edition of Scrambled Eggs, Joe and Phil break down the match-up with Davidson and discuss their cautious optimism with this Marquette team. Buzz Williams said before the season that the Sweet 16 isn't good enough anymore. Can this squad continue to raise the bar for Marquette hoops? The Golden Eagles haven't been to three consecutive Sweet 16's since the tournament expanded to 64 teams.

Some folks think Marquette is a trendy pick as an upset victim, and we get that. We've all seen Marquette at its worst. We've also seen Marquette at it's best, and hopefully the Marquette team that shows up in Lexington more closely resembles the latter. Look at the Golden Eagles' recent history under Buzz Williams, and a flat first-round performance would be quite a surprise.

Phil and Joe also give their picks for the Final Four as well as their picks to win it all.
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