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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gardner now ranked 58th best offensive player; Cotton 7th

Davante Gardner's recent dominant play has moved him up to No. 58 of roughly 4000 college players in the new Offensive Value Add ratings. Gardner's 4.38 indicates he adds about that many points to Marquette's score over what a good replacement would do, though his defense gives the opponent an extra 0.39 points to give him an overall Value Add rating of 3.99 to make Gardner the 123rd best player overall.

Of the 350 other teams in the country, only 39 have an offensive player better than Gardner, and only 83 have a better overall player according to Value Add. However, one of those teams is Thursday's opponent Providence which features Bryce Cotton (7th best offensive player, 61st overall) and LaDontae Henton (80th overall).

This will be the fourth time this season Marquette has faced a team with more than one top 100 player (Wisconsin, Creighton and New Mexico). Doug McDermott is the greatest offensive player in the history of Value Add, as he is the third best offensive player for the third consecutive season. No other player has ever been in the top 5 even two seasons. However, the best overall opponent this season has been Wisconsin center Frank Kaminsky, who Marquette got into foul trouble to hold to 11 points and 4 rebounds while Chris Otule and Gardner combined for 27 points and 12 rebounds to almost pull a huge road upset.

The following are the rankings for all Marquette players and their opponents. Note that Marquette's redshirt freshman Luke Fischer, the 6'11' transfer from Indiana, is ranked based just on the 16% of Indiana's minutes he has played in this year due to leaving for Milwaukee. If he had started the whole season and played 64% of Indiana's minutes, he would rank as the 581st best offensive player and 685th overall. In his limited action, he hit 56% of his shots and blocked 8.5% of opponents' shots while he was on the floor - and even higher rate than Otule who ranks 99th in the country.

1411Frank KaminskyWisconsin7' 0Jr5.646.82
316Doug McDermottCreighton6' 8"Sr7.016.64
625Kendall WilliamsNew Mexico6' 4"Sr6.206.01
1842D'Vauntes Smith-RiveraGeorgetown6' 3"So5.405.54
1648Cameron BairstowNew Mexico6' 9"Sr5.625.28
49Ben BrustWisconsin6' 1"Sr5.055.27
53Jordan BachynskiArizona St.8' 2"Sr2.805.20
761Bryce CottonProvidence6' 1"Sr6.135.04
70Sam DekkerWisconsin6' 7"So4.334.87
73Aaron CraftOhio St.6' 2"Sr1.404.77
80LaDontae HentonProvidence6' 6"Jr3.614.65
89Jahenns ManigatCreighton6' 1"Sr4.404.54
58123Davante GardnerMarquette6' 8"Sr4.383.99
747588Todd MayoMarquette6' 3"Jr1.341.56
1671665Juan AndersonMarquette6' 6"Jr0.121.37
1649689Deonte BurtonMarquette6' 4"Fr0.141.31
1101848Jamil WilsonMarquette6' 7"Sr0.721.01
12901122Chris OtuleMarquette6' 11"Sr0.490.63
8281166Jake ThomasMarquette6' 3"Sr1.180.59
10501179JaJuan JohnsonMarquette6' 5"Fr0.790.58
13451483Luke FischerIndiana6' 11"Fr0.420.33
20181714Steve TaylorMarquette6' 7"So0.000.18
20821965Derrick WilsonMarquette6' 1"Jr0.000.07
NRDuane WilsonMarquette6' 2"Fr0.000.00
NRDylan FloodMarquette6' 4"Jr0.000.00

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