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Monday, May 25, 2015

Ellenson Breaks Into Top 100 After All 2015-16 Rosters Updated

We had hundreds of updates come in for the Value Add database. Henry Ellenson's projection now makes him the projected 94th best player in the country, and if you want to look at 351 projected 2015-16 rosters you can click on the public google docs here and even put edits in column F. The updated Big East projection is:

Big East Value Add
13, Villanova, 41.61
32, Georgetown, 34.63
42, Xavier, 32.62
51, Seton Hall, 30.38
56, Creighton, 28.36
62, Marquette, 27.28 
81, Butler, 24.94
83, Providence, 24.37
96, St. John's, 22.34
123, DePaul, 17.90

Duane Wilson is now at 189th (top 5% of all players) and if Andrew Rowsey did not have to red shirt he would project as Marquette's third best player. His total does not count toward Marquette's 62nd best rating.  I actually cropped a shot of St. John's roster in the database just because it has been the hardest to keep up with as Chris Mullin is replenishing the roster, so feel free to correct personnel on that or any other roster.

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