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Monday, March 14, 2016

Seton Hall Kept Ball from MU Bigs, Now They Get Gonzaga and Utah

Another season without post season play, and in fact I did not have MU anywhere close to an NIT bid. However, the future looks bright assuming the Big East can break through with a couple of big NCAA wins this year. I believe the Midwest offers the best hope, and in the brackets and analysis  I published today I see the Seton Hall team that handled MU's big team so well having the potential to do the same with a match-up against both Gonzaga and Utah.

Gonzaga may have the best front line in the country, and Utah has the best center. However, Seton Hall showed how they could pressure the ball to keep MU from getting the ball into our twin towers. Two wins by Seton Hall would finally give the Big East a nice story line at tournament time. Butler also might be the team that could frustrate UVa for a huge upset.

Certainly we can watch Villanova and the rest, but here is the Midwest:

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