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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Marquette shoots for second win over a No. 1 team

Marquette will try for a win over a No. 1 ranked team for the only time besides Dwyane Wade's win over Kentucky.

Kenpom gives Marquette a 14% chance of the upset in the toughest game of the year - at Villanova. Based on Value Add, Nova's offense beats out Creighton for best in the conference, and their defense beats out Xavier for best. Marquette still ranks ahead of Seton Hall despite the heartbreaking loss there.

RnkTeamOffDefValue Add
52Seton Hall24.5-7.5632.66
108St. John's22.75-2.6526.06

Nova has three of the top six players in the conference, while Marquette is very balanced, with five players in the top 500, however noone in the top 200 or top 15 in the Big East.

Season RankPlayerTeamValue
1Josh Hart^ 3Villanova16.11
11JP Macura^ 55Xavier11.21
34Jalen Brunson^ 1Villanova9.96
64Shamorie Ponds^ 2St. John's9.1
68Khyri Thomas^ 2Creighton8.95
76Mikal Bridges^ 25Villanova8.74
77Rodney Pryor^ 23Georgetown8.72
83Justin Patton^ 23Creighton8.58
84Andrew Chrabascz^ 45Butler8.56
88Edmond Sumner^ 4Xavier8.51
92Trevon Bluiett^ 5Xavier8.48
134Khadeen Carrington^ 0Seton Hall7.51
149LJ Peak^ 0Georgetown7.39
165Emmitt Holt^ 15Providence7.22
166Tyler Lewis^ 1Butler7.18
202Maurice Watson^ 10Creighton6.78
210Jalen Lindsey^ 21Providence6.67
223Luke Fischer^ 40Marquette6.59
232Angel Delgado^ 31Seton Hall6.53
239Kris Jenkins^ 2Villanova6.45
256Rodney Bullock^ 5Providence6.31
278Tyler Wideman^ 4Butler6.2
281Kelan Martin^ 30Butler6.17
295JaJuan Johnson^ 23Marquette6.06
373Desi Rodriguez^ 20Seton Hall5.44
384Sam Hauser^ 10Marquette5.32
403Kamar Baldwin^ 3Butler5.24
406Avery Woodson^ 0Butler5.22
422Jessie Govan^ 15Georgetown5.12
428Markus Howard^ 0Marquette5.1
431Tre'Darius McCallum^ 10DePaul5.09
441Marcus Foster^ 0Creighton5.05
490Haanif Cheatham^ 25Marquette4.79
492RaShid Gaston^ 35Xavier4.77

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