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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Rowsey Finished With Bang as 14th Best Offensive Player in America

We just witnessed the second greatest MU offensive season of the century behind only Dwyane Wade, who was worth an extra 10.42 points above replacement per 100 possessions in 2003. After concluding with identical lines of 29 points on 6 of 11 three-point shooting in the last two NIT games - the latter against one of the toughest defenses in the country in Penn State - Rowsey was worth an extra 9.41 points per 100 trips down the court. This was the 14th best offensive performance in the country - though some kid named Jordan Howard who I hear has a brother who is pretty good as well, finished a few spots higher.

Yes, turnovers and missed shots are counted against players, and Rowsey had almost as many turnovers as Wade, but even though Rowsey was not a great matchup on defense he still finishes as the 50th most valuable overall player among 4,068 players ranked at www.valueaddbasketball.com.

The overall Values are a bit lower overall because they measure value per game (about 70 possessions a game) while the offensive ratings are per 100 possessions - as measured at www.kenpom.com.

PlayerTeamOff per 100 tripsOff RankOverall Value Overall Rank
Nick Masterson #21Kennesaw St.11.0715.74200
Jock Landale #34St. Mary's11.032112
Trae Young #11Oklahoma10.9839.778
Jeff Roberson #11Vanderbilt10.948.8116
Yante Maten #1Georgia10.56510.296
Jalen Brunson #1Villanova10.3369.6910
Deandre Ayton #13Arizona10.32711.321
Jordan Howard #1Central Arkansas10.2786.63105
James Thompson #2Eastern Michigan9.5698.7617
Sam Merrill #3Utah St.9.55107.3252
Tookie Brown #4Georgia Southern9.55117.4646
Devonte' Graham #4Kansas9.49129.3913
Juwan Morgan #13Indiana9.46139.4812
Andrew Rowsey #30Marquette9.41147.450
Jonathan Stark #2Murray St.9.31158.8215
John Konchar #55IUPU Fort Wayne9.15168.0326
Jevon Carter #2West Virginia9.121710.65
Peyton Aldridge #23Davidson9.0918829
Reed Timmer #12Drake9.09196.3131
Daryl Macon #4Arkansas9.05207.5144
Denzel Mahoney #34Southeast Missouri St.9.03215.48236
Mikal Bridges #25Villanova9.022210.744
Joe Rosga #2Denver8.99236.32128
Tyler Seibring #41Elon8.96245.88178
James Batemon #5Loyola Marymount8.95255.6219

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