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Saturday, April 28, 2018

100+ Value Add Updated Projections Yield 7-seed Marquette vs. 10-seed Alabama in Opening Round

Marquette's rounding out of the roster with the great pickup in Koby McEwen to red shirt for a year is one of 117 updates to the www.valueaddbasketball.com that leaves Marquette as the projected top 7-seed to face 10-seed Alabama in the opening round game. We updated based on all the notes left in Column A of the google sheet so those comments are now cleared out and you can add new notes next to players.

Keep in mind that teams can move up by signing transfers, JUCOs or remaining freshmen, many can still drop for anyone who goes to the NBA draft or leaves (if they have not signed an agent they are still included in the totals below. For example, Keita Bates-Diop signed with an agent to cost Ohio State 10.66 in Value Add, however, they made up most of that when they followed up by getting CJ Walker from Florida State and Keyshawn Woods from Wake Forest.

The following are the updated teams that project to make the tournament and their first round game. Below that is a list of all the players for whom there were adjustments this week starting with Indiana's Juwan Morgan who projects to be the best player in the country if he does not leave for the NBA (he has entered the address but not signed an agent).

TeamProjected Value ConfRnkSeed1st Round Opponent
Kentucky67.07SEC11Lehigh/Texas Southern Winner
Nevada63.2MWC21Vermont/Howard winner
Villanova57.26BE31Stephen F. Austin
Kansas56.58B1241New Mexico St.
Oregon55.99P1252St. Francis PA
Auburn55.56SEC62Northern Kentucky
Duke54.37ACC72UC Davis
Mississippi St.49.22SEC82Rider
North Carolina48.92ACC93Liberty
Syracuse45.27ACC123UNC Greensboro
Maryland44.78B10144Georgia St.
Texas43.42B12164Loyola Chicago
Virginia Tech41.66ACC175Houston
LSU41.6SEC185Dayton/Michigan winner
North Carolina St.41.5ACC195Nebraska/West Virginia Winner
Michigan St.41.44B10205Davidson
South Dakota St.40.36Sum216Washington
Ohio St.39.83B10236Notre Dame
Florida39.7SEC246Boston College
Miami FL38.22ACC267Iowa St.
Arizona St.38.02P12277Creighton
Florida St.37.62ACC298Northwestern
Kansas St.37.5B12308Western Kentucky

Here are the updates in order of how high the player projects to rank if he plays college next year.

Projected RankPlayer2019 TEAMValueNew Updates
1Juwan Morgan #13/could leave for NBAIndiana10.074/27 could go nba
6Luke Maye #32/could go NBANorth Carolina9.184/27 could go NBA
15Reid Travis #22/could go NBAStanford8.544/27 could go NBA
48Chris Silva #30/could leave for NBASouth Carolina7.544/27 could leave for NBA
94Trey Porter #15Nevada6.654/27 transfer
203DeSean Murray #13Western Kentucky5.454/27 went to WKU
210Carson Williams #23Western Kentucky5.44/27 committed
316Ryan Welage #32Xavier4.664/27 immediately available
341Jacob Evans/could go NBACincinnati4.494/27 back in - had not signed agent
434Courtney RameyTexas4.094/27 Crystal ball had Louisville, but went Texas
448Esa Ahmad #23/could leave for NBAWest Virginia4.0324/27 could go nba
505Bryce Nze #24Available3.824/27 transfer
598Michael Finke #43Grand Canyon3.534/27 transfer
601Nate Darling #13Delaware3.524/27 transfer
599Keyshawn Woods #1Ohio St.3.524/27 transferred
605Jalek Felton #5Available3.54/27 upgrade due to stars
611Jeremiah Bell #1Available3.484/27 transferred
612Dachon Burke #11Nebraska3.474/27 signed
631Taurean ThompsonSeton Hall3.4good catch, 2.60 in 2017 projects 3.40 as soph
712Sacha Killeya-Jones #1Available3.24/27 upgrade due to stars
753CJ Walker #2Ohio St.3.074/27 signed Ohio State
906Jacob Young #3Rutgers2.634/21 commit
961Prentiss Nixon #11/2020Iowa St.2.554/27 transfer
993Tulio Da Silva #21Available2.54/27 transfer
992Chris Sodom #12Available2.54/27 updated as 4-star
991Robert Cartwright #2Available2.54/27 upgrade due to stars
990Davion Mitchell #10/2020Baylor2.54/27 upgrade due to stars
987James Banks #00Georgia Tech2.54/27 transferred
984Schnider Herard #34/2020Maryland2.54/27 upgrade due to stars
983Mark Smith #13/2020Missouri2.54/27 upgrade due to stars
982Curtis 'Cujo' JonesOklahoma St.2.54/27 signed with Oklahoma st.
981Eli Wright #2/2020St. John's2.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1172Izaiah Brockington #21Available2.24/21 depature
1170David Nickelberry #15Available2.24/27 upgrade due to stars
1171Rapolas IvanauskasAvailable2.24/27 upgrade due to stars
1165CJ Roberts/2020Texas Tech2.24/27 upgraded due to stars
1178CJ Jones #23Middle Tennessee2.194/27 transfer
1234Darious Hall #20/2020DePaul2.084/27 signing
1356Corey Allen #5Georgia St.1.914/27 signed
1358Mawdo Sallah 1Radford1.94/27 transfer
1357Jy'lan Washington #22/2020Tennessee St.1.94/21 signing
1384Te'Jon Lucas #3Milwaukee1.864/27 transfer
1426Tre CampbellAvailable1.84/27 transfer
1423Davon Dillard #24Available1.84/27 upgrade due to stars
1424Jakolby Long #13Available1.84/27 upgrade due to stars
1425Quadri MooreAvailable1.84/27 upgrade due to stars
1422Colin Slater #14Available1.84/27 upgraded due to stars
1418Samuel Japhet-Mathias/2020San Jose St.1.8upgrade due to stars
1473Mike Cunningham #1Oklahoma St.1.734/27 transfer
1477Ar'mond Davis 22UC Santa Barbara1.724/27 going to UC Santa Barbara
1500Karl Nicholas #5Available1.694/27 transferred
1574Roster Spot OpenSt. Bonaventure1.57added extra roster spot Brockingham left 4/21
1687Xeyrius Williams #20Akron1.54/27 transfer
1685Tai Wynyard #14Available1.54/27 transfer, upgrade due to stars
1673Jamir Harris #4/2020Available1.54/27 transferred
1668Darnell Rogers #3/2020Available1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1669Devenir Duruisseau/2020Available1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1670Jalyn Patterson/2020Available1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1671Johnnie Vassar/2020Available1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1672Michael Green/2020Available1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1674DeAndre 'Pedro' BradshawAvailable1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1675Jacquil Taylor #23Available1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1676Josh Martin #15Available1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1677Nolan Taylor #31Available1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1678Parker Hazen #0Available1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1679Richard WashingtonAvailable1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1680Scott Spencer #22available1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1681Terry Harris #4Available1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1682Tory Miller-StewartAvailable1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1683Troy Holston^ JrAvailable1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1684Tyler Maye #25Available1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1667Connor MacDougall/2020Available1.5upgrade due to stars
1666Larry Austin #3Central Michigan1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1665Sam MillerCollege of Charleston1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1664Ibi Watson #23Dayton1.54/27 signed Dayton
1654Reggie Jones #23/2020Tulsa1.54/27 upgrade due to stars
1699Jevon Thomas 2available1.49Dissmissed from team
2058Brock Stull #3Available1.224/27 transfer
2103Ryan Lutherarizona1.24/27 upgrade due to stars
2100Cameron Satterwhite #23/2020Available1.24/27 upgrade
2099Jair Bolden #3/2020Available1.24/27 upgrade due to stars
2077Davante FitzgeraldStephen F. Austin1.2upgrade due to stars
2218Quincy McKnight 11Seton Hall1.13Quincy McKnight - see new tab explaining projection adjustments
2245Jack Williams #32Rice1.124/27 had Montana, changed to Rice
2308Jaycee Hillsman #25Illinois St.1.094/27 transferred
2370Payton Willis #1Minnesota1.064/21 sign
2625Justin ColemanArizona14/27 Arizona
2608AJ Caldwell/2020Available14/27 slight upgrade based on 3-stars
2614TaShombe RileyAvailable14/27 transfer
2613Christen CunninghamAvailable14/27 updated due to stars
2607Deion Lavender #5/2020Available14/27 upgrade due to stars
2611John Crosby #15Available14/27 upgrade due to stars
2612Khadim Gueye #12Available14/27 upgrade due to stars
2682JoJo Anderson #4Texas Southern0.964/27 transferred
3028Allante Holston #5Available0.84/27 slight upgrade based on 3-stars
3027Azariah Sykes #3Available0.84/27 transfer
3232Jalen Gibbs #2Mount St. Mary's0.724/27 transferred
3543Brandon Davis #11/2020Available0.74/27 transfer
3554Prince Oduro #15Available0.74/27 transfer
3441Dedric Boyd #20Illinois St.0.74/27 went to Illinois St.
4089Davere Creighton #20Available0.54/27 left
4071Isaac Kante/2020Available0.54/27 left GA
4088Brent HibbittsAvailable0.54/27 left Michigan
4087Ayan Nunez de CarvalhoAvailable0.54/27 left Temple
4070Cameron 'Cam' Bacote/2020Available0.54/27 transfer
4086Byron AbramsAvailable0.54/27 transfer
4069Freddy Bitondo #32/2020Available0.54/27 transferred
4083Eric Toles, Jravailable0.54/27 transferred
4084Frank RyderAvailable0.54/27 transferred
4085Jadon CoheeAvailable0.54/27 transferred
4068John Grant^ Jr/2020Available0.54/27 upgrade due to stars
4078Chancellor BarnardAvailable0.54/27 upgrade due to stars
4079Dontel HighsmithAvailable0.54/27 upgrade due to stars
4080Jiday UgbajaAvailable0.54/27 upgrade due to stars
4081John 'Koh' FlippinAvailable0.54/27 upgrade due to stars
4082Noah YatesAvailable0.54/27 upgrade due to stars
4067Charlie Tooley/2020Available0.5upgrade due to stars
4059Ă–mer Faruk Yurtseven/2020Georgetown0.54/27 signed
4106James Scott #3Temple0.494/27 transferred
4131Devorious Brown #10Available0.484/27 transferred
4343Evan Clayborne #22North Carolina Central0.44/27 went to NC Central
4812Austin Starr #30Available0.34/27 departure
4698Sy ChatmanMassachusetts0.3Small change, but UMass has signed Sy Chatman. In addition, Chris Baldwin will transfer
4923Tate HallLoyola Chicago.24/21 signing

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