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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Putting MU No.12 in a Week of Upsets that is Hard to Predict

I claim no expertise in following how AP writers and coaches select their top 25 ballots, but looking through all the upsets this week, the incredible publicity from the Creighton game, and MU's past victims Louisville going into UNC for a blowout win and K-State pulling off two of the most impressive comebacks of the year - I'm pegging Marquette for No. 12 in my top 25 (with my next 10 listed for a top 35).

I put Villanova all the way up to 19th IF they win at Creighton this morning at 11 a.m. For whatever it is worth, here is my list with notes on how they performed this week with the kenpom ratings of oppoents noted, and then where each team was ranked last week in both polls as well as in the NET Ratings.

SCHOOLmy newPudner Notes on games - kenpom ratingsAPCoachesNet (Fri)
Duke1No changes in top 9, all solid122
Virginia2No changes in top 9, all solid411
Michigan3No changes in top 9, all solid243
Tennessee4No changes in top 9, all solid335
Michigan St.5No changes in top 9, all solid657
Texas Tech6No changes in top 9, all solid884
Gonzaga7No changes in top 9, all solid566
Virginia Tech8No changes in top 9, all solid9710
Kansas9No changes in top 9, all solid7911
Florida St.10beat Miami and heartbreak loss to Duke131319
Nevada11rebounded with 2 wins101127
Marquette12win at 37 Creighton and vs 46 Seton Hall that beat Kentucky, and LOTS of publicity211921
Auburn13loss at 30 Ole Miss doesn't look that bad after Miss then won at Miss State, then killed 91 Crean's Georgia111024
North Carolina14won at 25 NC State, but destroyed at home by MU victim 26 Louisville12128
Kentucky15home wins vs 88 Texas A&M and 83 Vanderbilt, but with MU wins more impressive could pass181812
Buffalo16won home vs 69 Toledo and 181 Miami, but with no teams left between them and an MU team that beat them may pass192014
NC State17won at home vs 80 Pitt, but lost at home to 10 UNC who then was destroyed by MU victim Louisville151617
Oklahoma18lost at 8 Texas Tech, beat 22 TCU232215
Villanova19IF THEY BEAT CREIGHTON SUNDAY 11 AM - IF MOVE OTHERS UP. won at home vs St Johns262729
Houston20lost at 71 Temple, at home 9 pt win vs 129 Wichita17159
Iowa21won at 57 NW and home 29 Ohio State282535
Maryland22won at 52 MN and home vs 23 Indiana325020
Ole Miss232 big wins 11 Auburn and at 28 Miss State505028
Louisville24lost at 79 Pitt in OT, destroyed 10 UNC on road365032
Purdue25lost at 3 Michigan State, at 14 Wisconsin305018
UCF26won home 71 Temple, at 83 Uconn 353031
Kansas St.27won vs 66 West Virginia, at 17 Iowa State433753
Wisconsin28won at 58 Penn State, lost home 16 Purdue272622
Seton Hall29beat 39 Butler lost at 33 Marquette333245
Florida30won at 55 Arkansas, lost home 5 Tennessee395039
TCU312 road losses to good team252834
LSU32beat 66 Bama, then on road best 55 Arkansas505025
Mississippi St.33lost at 113 South Carolina and home vs 30 Mississippi141430
Ohio St.34lost at 112 Rutgers and 35 Iowa161736
Indiana352 road losses to good team222423

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