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Sunday, June 02, 2019

McDermott Top Offensive Player of Century; Adding Creighton & Other Greats to Game

In the basketball board game I picked the 42 teams (7 teams for 6 conferences) who made the Final 4 or finished in the top 5 of www.kenpom.com. However, when I decided to round out each conference with an 8th team based on the greatest team on a school not represented, I missed one thing that should have jumped out at me years ago in www.valueaddbasketball. Here are the playing cards for the six new teams.

Doug McDermott is by far the best offensive college basketball player of the century.

While there are many great one and dones, I realized only two players were ever one of the best five offensive players in the country more than once (see list of the top 5 offensive players every year - including Travis Diener, Steve Novak and Jimmy Butler).

In 2005, Duke's JJ Redick was the third best offensive player in basketball, and in 2006 he improved to be the best offensive basketball. Truly amazing, and yet ...

In 2012 and 2013 in the Missouri Valley Conference McDermott was the third best offensive player in the country (keep in mind Value Add adjusts for competition, so this means it is estimated he would have ranked as the third best offensive player whether he played in the ACC, old Big East, Big Ten etc.

Only four players ranked in the top 5 overall players (Offense, defense and position adjustment); Boston College's Troy Bell in 2002 and 2003, Duke's Shelden Williams in 2004 and 2005, Davidson's Stephen Curry in 2007 and 2008 and Utah's Delon Wright in 2013 and 2014. You may assume Steph would have made the offensive list but not the overall - but actually he played in a stretch of years where the guards were so roughed up that their actual numbers were much lower than front line players - and it is actually the position adjustment that made it clear he was a top five player both years.

Adding the Teams of these Great Players to the Game

As for the game, I am adding McDermott's Creighton team to the Big East, Curry's Davidson team to the "SEC," and Wright's Utah team to the Pac-12. I did toy with adding Kawhi Leonard's San Diego State team instead of Utah since Kawhi is the greater NBA player in the headlines and both teams wee equal as No. 8 at www.kenpom.com and both losing to the eventual national champ in the Sweet 16 (UConn and Duke). However, at the college level Kawhi's best year was 11th ranked, and Wright was the only player to finish in the top two twice - so I went with him and did not he had triple doubles a few times after taking over the starting position for the Grizzlies this year.

To fill out the other conferences with a great player, I went with Reggie Evan's Iowa team from the beginning of the Century as the 8th team in the Big East, Chris Paul's Wake Forest team for the ACC and Michael Beasley's K-State team for the Big 12.

McDermott's Legacy

For the debut of the realigned Big East in 2014, McDermott was even better as the best offensive player in the country. More importantly for the Big East, he was selected as the National Player of the Year by all six major selection groups.

Marquette and the rest of the Big East owe the McDermott's a lot for that 2014 debut season - when people still weren't sure about the Big East after alignment. Obviously everyone owes Villanova for the two national titles, but having the greatest offensive player of the Century for a debut season went a long way.

Top 5 Offensive Players Each Season 2002 to 2019

Off rankPlayerTeamOverall RankYear
1Henry DomercantEastern Illinois92002
2Reece GainesLouisville22002
3Steve LoganCincinnati12002
4Rasual ButlerLa Salle52002
5Chris DavisNorth Texas472002
1Adam HessWilliam & Mary92003
2Chris WilliamsBall St.112003
3Troy BellBoston College32003
4Mike SweetneyGeorgetown12003
5Brett BlizzardNorth Carolina Wilmington82003
1Devin HarrisWisconsin12004
2Travis DienerMarquette72004
3Luke JacksonOregon22004
4Chris PaulWake Forest32004
5Ryan GomesProvidence42004
1Taylor CoppenrathVermont82005
2Andrew BogutUtah12005
3JJ RedickDuke62005
4John LucasOklahoma St.322005
5Spencer NelsonUtah St.22005
1JJ RedickDuke22006
2Adam MorrisonGonzaga62006
3Brandon RoyWashington42006
4Quincy DoubyRutgers52006
5Steve NovakMarquette172006
1Kevin DurantTexas12007
2Jared DudleyBoston College32007
3Drew NeitzelMichigan St.62007
4Jaycee CarrollUtah St.282007
5Adam HaluskaIowa82007
1Tyler HansbroughNorth Carolina32008
2Michael BeasleyKansas St.12008
3Maarty LeunenOregon62008
4Kevin LoveUCLA22008
5Ryan AndersonCalifornia82008
1Ty LawsonNorth Carolina12009
2Aaron JacksonDuquesne372009
3Jerome RandleCalifornia162009
4Blake GriffinOklahoma22009
5DeJuan BlairPittsburgh32009
1Jon ScheyerDuke12010
2James AndersonOklahoma St.102010
3Jimmy ButlerMarquette52010
4Kyle SinglerDuke22010
5Quincy PondexterWashington62010
1Jordan TaylorWisconsin12011
2Kemba WalkerConnecticut22011
3Charles JenkinsHofstra112011
4Reggie JacksonBoston College162011
5Noah DahlmanWofford192011
1Kevin JonesWest Virginia42012
2Anthony DavisKentucky12012
3Doug McDermottCreighton172012
4John JenkinsVanderbilt132012
5Damian LillardWeber St.192012
1Trey BurkeMichigan12013
2Erick GreenVirginia Tech42013
3Doug McDermottCreighton142013
4Kyle BaroneIdaho732013
5Nate WoltersSouth Dakota St.102013
1Doug McDermottCreighton72014
2Billy BaronCanisius62014
3Bryce CottonProvidence492014
4Nik StauskasMichigan442014
5Joseph YoungOregon242014
1Frank KaminskyWisconsin32015
2Jerian GrantNotre Dame52015
3Delon WrightUtah12015
4Aaron WhiteIowa62015
5Kevin YogiIndiana702015
1Quinton HookerNorth Dakota52016
3Buddy HieldOklahoma22016
4Anthony BarberNorth Carolina St.202016
5Kay FelderOakland152016
1Mike DaumSouth Dakota St.292017
2Dallas MooreNorth Florida712017
3Frank MasonKansas22017
4Luke KennardDuke72017
5Monte MorrisIowa St.42017
1Nick MastersonKennesaw St.1912018
2Trae YoungOklahoma62018
3Jeff RobersonVanderbilt162018
4Yante MatenGeorgia32018
5Jordan HowardCentral Arkansas1092018
1Zion WilliamsonDuke12019
2Cassius WinstonMichigan St.42019
3CJ MassinburgBuffalo62019
4Ja MorantMurray St.82019
5Sam MerrillUtah St.182019

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