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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Player Cards for the 1977 and 2003 Greats To Whom Markus Will Be Compared

As we contemplate where Markus Howard ultimately ranks among the all-time greats, we finished a massive upgrade of the playing cards for the Value Add Basketball game. A couple of the sheets include the greats that will be compared to Howard after he is done this year.

Having never seen anything like the last two games, only history will determine where Markus ranks among all-time greats. The game (which remember is free so not selling anything here) includes greats from Wilt to Anthony Davis to last year's stars. The links are now in PDF from and four to a page broken down by team name.

Alabama 1977 to Duke 2010

Florida 2006 to Iowa 2002

Kansas 1957 to LSU 2006

Marquette 1977 to Notre Dame 1970

Ohio State 1960 to Purdue 2018

San Diego State 2011 to Texas Southern (UTEP) 1966

UCLA 1972 to Wyoming 1943

Click here for instructions if you want to play. We just topped 16,000 clicks on the instructions to the game, so glad some have enjoyed it. Having just played games featuring Pistol Pete's LSU team, and Larry Bird's Indiana State team in my all-time March Madness, I can't wait to produce Markus Howard's card for the ages when this season is all said and done.

The game also measure's each team's defense, and while Markus deserves all the credit as the one-man wrecking crew on offense, Wojo's detractors should note www.kenpom.com now ranks MU's defense as even better than the offense at 28th in the country. In every game but the Wisconsin loss, MU has allowed at least 8 fewer points that trips down the court. The last time the defense was this good was the 2012 Sweet 16 team.

Enjoy it, The only teams with both an offense and a defense in the top 33 are:

1.       Auburn
2.       Duke
3.       Kentucky
4.       Kansas
5.       Louisville
6.       Marquette
7.       Maryland
8.       Michigan
9.       Michigan State
10.   North Carolina
11.   Ohio State
12.   Purdue

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