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Sunday, February 02, 2020

Marquette Tied for 12th With 4 Q1 Wins

Status of 4 Q1 Wins. Marquette’s four Q1 wins (71-60 vs. #13 Villanova, 101-79 neutral court vs. #38 USC, 84-80 at #49 Georgetown and at #63 Xavier) look relatively safe with Xavier. With victory margins up to 10 points factoring into the Net Ratings, USC’s 21-point loss at home to Colorado dropping them to 17-5 will make them a closer call, but Xavier’s win at Villanova Saturday will make them a safe Q1 moving up from #63 and needing only to stay in the top 75 as a road win for MU.
Two Q2 Wins that Could Become Q1. Those wins could grow to six if Purdue moves up 7 spots to #30 (MU won 65-55 at home) and K-State moves up 6 spots to #75 (road win 73-65). Purdue’s road win at Northwestern could help slightly, but K-State’s loss at West Virginia was a missed chance for MU to potentially become a 5th Q1 win overnight.

Future Q1 Chances. Based on current Net rankings MU has six more chances for Q1 wins; vs. #8 Butler, at #13 Villanova, vs. #14 Seton Hall, #25 vs. Creighton, at #59 DePaul and at #73 St. John’s with at #78 Providence just three spots from being a Quad 1 game.

For those who do not know, a Q1 win includes a win over at top 30 team at home, a top 50 on a neutral court, or a top 75 on the road. This is based on their current ratings, not the ratings at the time the game was won.

The Net Ratings listed above did not include Saturday’s games. The table below reorders the top 100 teams in the Basketball Net ratings in order of which team has the most Q1 wins (the 12th through 20th best all have 4 Q1 wins like Marquette), with the tie-breaker being the number of Q2 wins, and then the actual Net Ranking being the final tie-breaker.

TeamQ1 winQ2 winNet Rating
Kansas 824
Baylor 722
Seton Hall 7214
Butler 628
Oregon 6115
Maryland 5312
Villanova 5213
Iowa 5221
Penn St. 5223
Wisconsin 5231
Creighton 5125
San Diego St.441
Michigan St. 427
DePaul 4259
Gonzaga 413
West Virginia 419
Marquette 4122
Kentucky 4124
Illinois 4129
Duke 406
Indiana 3346
Arizona 3211
Ohio St. 3217
Michigan 3235
Minnesota 3245
North Carolina3294
Colorado 3120
Southern California 3138
St.John's (NY) 3173
South Carolina 3175
Oregon St. 3177
Dayton 305
Florida St. 3016
LSU 3019
Houston 3036
Syracuse 3060
Rutgers 2218
Pittsburgh 2276
Texas Tech 2130
Saint Mary's (CA) 2134
Purdue 2137
Florida 2141
Georgetown 2149
Virginia 2155
Utah 2171
Iowa St. 2172
Louisville 2010
Oklahoma 2052
Virginia Tech 2053
Utah St. 2054
NC State 2056
Richmond 2058
Tennessee 2062
Texas 2064
ETSU 2068
Providence 2078
Oklahoma St.1480
Kansas St1381
Georgia Tech1389
Miami FL13100
San Francisco1291
Boise St1298
VCU 1133
Alabama 1140
Arizona St. 1157
TCU 1165
Auburn 1026
BYU 1028
Arkansas 1039
Mississippi St. 1042
UNI 1043
Rhode Island 1044
Washington 1047
Memphis 1050
Xavier 1063
Notre Dame 1066
UNC Greensboro 1067
Saint Louis 1070
SMU 1074
Louisiana Tech 1079
Stephen F Austin1085
North Texas0282
Loyola Chicago0199
Stanford 0027
Wichita St. 0032
Yale 0048
Cincinnati 0051
Liberty 0061
Tulsa 0069

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