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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Name, Image and Likeness Possible Impact on Marquette

The NCAA is getting ready to allow college athletes to profit off their name, image and likeness (NIL) starting July 1st.

About. Darn. Time.

The NCAA and its member schools for decades have profited in the range from millions to billions off a labor force paid in tuition, room and board. Also me thinks the NCAA is doing this to avoid any further appearances in front of the Supreme Count. 

Either way, it is time for players to be able to make some money of whatever personal brand they build during their time in school.

Really let's face it, amateurism is now just a matter of is the player actually being paid to play in the game. Disagree? Just at look at the Olympic model (You know the event that outside of basketball, hockey and baseball events celebrates amateurism) and see how much amateurism there is when it comes to landing endorsement deals.

While it is not officially approved by the NCAA, this is coming based on some state passing legislation allowing NIL deals starting July 1st and the NCAA’s recent defeat in the Supreme Court.

Big deals are on the way in the college basketball world especially the big time players.

Talking with a friend who has worked for a major marketing firm in the past said 100% they would use college athletes for campaigns. It makes sense as you can pay that athlete for the social media reach and also a lot less (figuratively speaking) compared to a pro athlete.

Since the framework is loose, it will be a wild world in the beginning. 

How will that affect Marquette? Does the Athletic Department have a plan in place already?

The Marquette Athletic Department when reached for comment advised me it was best to check back later. The main is with so many unknowns and moving parts, they would like some clarification from the NCAA on what the world will look like after July 1st and from there more details will follow on what the plan will be. 

Should we worry then?

Marquette does have a top 40 market in its favor along with a Deputy Athletic Director with an extensive marketing background, and at least when it comes to the men’s hoops program, a head coach with forging relationships as a pillar of the program. In addition, Marquette did roll out an initiative back in August 2020 to start preparing for this change. 

Really, I do not see the landscaping changing that much. The top talent will still seek out the best coach and program it feels to get him or her towards the pros. The only difference is the top players can now make some money in college.

Who this can really benefit is the three of four-year player. You know the player who becomes a star at the program but maybe doesn’t have the chops to go pro early or be in the pros at all. This is where their earning potential is at its highest (Danny Parkins at 670 the Score in Chicago made a great point on this).

Those are going to be typically your lower ranked four and three stars recruits which is in Marquette’s recruiting wheelhouse. Heck, I would be more worried about the transfer portal than what can Marquette offer a player for endorsement deals.

One thing is for sure, July 1st will mark a big change in the college athletics world. Marquette is getting ready once it knows what that world will specifically look like.

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