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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Marquette Deputy Athletic Director Mike Broeker Interview

I got the chance to catch up Marquette Deputy Athletic Director Mike Broeker to discuss the recently released non-conference schedule. 

The man has turned scheduling into an art and science. 

In our interview, we also discussed how working with new Marquette Head Coach Shaka Smart on the schedule went and how Smart differs from the three other head coaches Mike has worked with. In addition, we talk about former player Brian Barone coming back as head coach of SIU-Edwardsville and Barone's hope for a statue of his corner three to beat Cincy (It was all in good fun). 

We did discuss the chance of the Delta variant causing potential schedule issues this season.

We talked about Marquette using the Deer District space before games for possible pregame events (Not on the Bucks scale but it is on their radar to do some stuff). We did talk about the potential conference realignment towards the end and is there chance Marquette will play old rivals like Louisville or Cincy again?

We did wrap it up with while it is hard to see the likes of Theo John, Dawson Garcia, Jamal Cain and Koby McEwen go elsewhere, it is nice to see them land at some good spots (Mike is guy who appreciates any athlete in any sport who has walked through Marquette so it is good to have a guy like him be part of Marquette Athletics).

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