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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Olivier-Maxence Prosper's decision should come down to this one thing

Olivier-Maxence Prosper's draft stock has risen considerably after a great NBA Draft Combine performance.

O-Max impressed scouts with his measurables and his production during the scrimmages. He walked away from Chicago as one of the biggest winners.

He now has to make a decision to keep his name in the draft by the end of May and forfeit his remaining college eligibility. 

At the bare minimum, O-Max has done enough to get a two-way contract. 

I have seen mock drafts have him possibly going late in the second round. He is in that area where he could get picked because he fits the NBA three-and-D player mold. O-Max could also go undrafted as NBA teams picking late in the second may go with a European player with higher upside that they can bring over at a later time.

Prosper has to assess if he wants to risk going undrafted and the limbo of being on a two-way contract—they are not guaranteed deals (although he can always earn one).

Speaking of limbo, that is sort of the financial situation he will be in. Since he is from Canada, O-Max's NIL prospects are limited.

He can return to Marquette and be part of a possible Final Four team, but not cash in on his name, image, and likeness like he might in say playing in the G-League. He can kick start his NBA dream and at a minimum earn money on a two-way deal.

Prosper really just needs to assess one thing when making his decision--does he want to bet on himself to possibly get picked in the first round next year?

The projected area he is set to go in right now means he will have to roll the dice on himself. Being a willing defender with his size and ability screams rotational player in the NBA. That might be his ceiling so teams might prefer to get him in the undrafted free agent market like Wesley Matthews.

He just has to determine when his pro career should start and how it should start. If he wants to improve his draft stock, then he should return to Marquette. Otherwise, if Prosper thinks he can do nothing more than move up a bit higher in the second round, then he should start his pro career this year.

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