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Friday, December 08, 2006

Big Ten Wonk preview by the numbers

For the uninitiated, the Big Ten Wonk is one of the best college hoops blogs around with terrific insight rooted in deep statistical analysis. John Gasaway jumped in to preview the MU game against the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Saturday.

As the Wonk points out, maybe there will be no missed threes in this game.

LOL. If that happens, I really like MU's chances on Saturday afternoon -- especially when you realize that MU's shooting is more erratic than any Big Televen team so far this season. (no shock, eh?)

Wanna scratch your head a bit?

  • -Jerel McNeal leads MU in field goal attempts . . . . not a good thing considering he's at 38% from the field overall and a dismal 20% from 3-point land.
  • -Despite his defensive prowess is a net negative performer on the floor.
  • -McNeal is averaging more TO's per game as a sophomore (4.0) than he did as a freshman (3.7) -- astonishing.
Still, you can't measure intangibles (McNeal can deliver those in droves), and MU will need those in full effect on Saturday.

Ring Out Ahoya!!!!

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