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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Noteworthy links

While the Marquette basketball teams trudges through finals week, I wanted to point out a few new links we've added on our right nav bar:

  1. We linked to these folks earlier in the week, but I highly recommend the new Big East Hoops Blog. Be sure to get there today -- the guys do a fine analysis of MU in their current post and note that ,"It’s hard for me to get a read of Marquette, but I think they’re in for a rocky year." Perhaps, but methinks its too early to write-off Marquette, this is still a good basketball team. The team's pressure defense, defense inside the arc, improved rebounding year to year, and ability to force turnvers are all positives. If shot distribution improves and the pace of play is heightened - who knows. Last year's team turned the corner once conference season began -- something few (any?) expected to see.
  2. Tired of lousy news from college athletics? Check out Good News in College Sports, courtesy of The Courtmaster.
  3. Here's the new St. John's basketball blog.


Anonymous said...

"It’s hard for me to get a read of Marquette, but I think they’re in for a rocky year. They could beat or lose to anybody in the country on a given night. They sure are exciting, though, and I look forward to some crazy games this year."

Let's get behind our team. I would say attitude is going to play a big part on how we do. Let's give them our support.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Most fans are WAY too negative at the games.

Anonymous said...

Good point, and I've been guilty of it myself. Our fans expect ALOT from this team, and our coach...and that's good, but we have to realize that our team is still young. It is frustrating to watch our team miss free throws all night though, and we've been spoiled from the arc with Diener & Novak over the years. It's almost "culture shock" to watch an MU team shoot 30%.

When we shoot 45-50%, we'll win almost every game because our defense is so intense (& consistent.)

Anonymous said...

Young and inexperienced...that describes the rest of the conference and country moreso this year than usual. Patience is imperative. The performances so far point to a bubble-team type season, but I think MU has gotten pretty unlucky in some of their results. I point to that high 3pt% against that Pomeroy first noted. I expect MU to improve relative to everyone else.

Anonymous said...

CONCERN: DJ & his aspirations for the NBA. Goals are important, as are dreams...but I feel James isn't as focused as he should be. He's our leader, and the NBA will come to him if he would just let it. At Marquette Madness he was signing my poster & was wearing this spandex thing on his finger with the NBA logo on it. My first immediate thought was "wow, you are getting way ahead of yourself."

This year is going to continue to be a reality check for him, which is great for us because he'll most likely stick around for another year.