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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Holy Expectations....MU picked for Final 4 on CBS

Seth Davis of CBS Sports had his college preview at halftime of the Kentucky vs North Carolina game. He went through the top players and teams in the country. Dominic James listed as the best point guard in the country.

Then he moved to his Final Four picks.



He has Kansas winning it all.


Well, two of his Final Four Picks went down in flames today. Marquette lost at home to North Dakota State and Kansas lost to DePaul. OUCH


Anonymous said...

it's neat to get this kind of publicity. but let's hope the team doesn't see it. or - at the very least - that they don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, they had to pick a 4th team.
It's too early.

Anonymous said...

Seth Davis is a Dukie...he's just trying to give his Blue Devils some credibility

Anonymous said...

MU is tough, and I picked them to go to the Final Four...LAST YEAR!!

HA...wishful thinking, but I did see the potential.

Anyone have any takes on MU ranking #22 in the fan poll, and #9 & #8 respectively in the AP & Coaches poll??

I see a huge gap here, and was wondering if anyone could shed some light??

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not Kansas again! I was at the last MU/Kansas game and it was not pretty! It was great to be there though! Let's hope he's right about MU being that good.